Photo Gallery: Quentin Tarantino Turns Back Time In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino. Photo by Brian Donnelly.

All photos by Brian Donnelly, Tom Holland, Bruce Duff, Mike Guerena, Howie Pyro and Simone Snaith. Used with permission.

Angelenos are pretty jaded about movie making. We grew up with fake chase scenes and lighting crews blocking the streets. Most of us have even worked as extras when times were tough. But this week, social media is abuzz with news of Quentin Tarantino’s new flick, “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.”

The film, which centers on an actor and his stuntman during the era of the Manson  murders, has been re-creating the Hollywood of the late 60s in its full splendor, right on Hollywood Boulevard. People are thrilling at the return of The Pussycat Theater, the bitchin’ cars, the old signs and recreated storefronts, all inhabited by extras wandering around in period costume. Tarantino has even lit up the Musso And Frank Grill sign, to everyone’s delight.

Sometimes filmmakers are obnoxious, chasing the locals off of their own street, but these shots are welcoming photos and video as long as nobody touches anything, especially the cars. That’s not only really cool, but makes for a lot of free advertising. Even with stars like Brad Pitt,  and Leonardo DeCaprio on the scene, no one is acting like a prima donna, with Tarantino waving to the crowds as he whizzes by on his motorized dolly.


Peaches. Photo by Bruce Duff.

Pussycat Sign by Tom Holland

Storefronts and Signage:

Photo by Brian Donnelly


Photo by Brian Donnelly. Is this the same Well Mr. Blond drove a 1965 CADILLAC COUP DE VILLE Mr Blond drove in Reservoir Dogs? Rumors say this is Tarantino’s personal car.


Even more….

Photo by Brian Donnelly

It has been reported in IndieWire that Quentin Tarantino met with Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra, and she is OK with the film. Maybe she isn’t aware of some of the dark humor on set.

Photo by Brian Donnelly

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8 Responses to Photo Gallery: Quentin Tarantino Turns Back Time In Hollywood

  1. Ed Simon Ed Simon says:

    I worked on Pulp Fiction with Quentin, doing post-production sound/foley. Boy, was that a wild ride!

    • Monique A. LeBleu says:

      When they were shooting Grindhouse, Quentin and crew were at the Hitching Post at the bar on a night I was having dinner. They were all HIGHLY entertaining! Our table was directly across from them, but I’m pretty sure you could hear Quentin clear across the entire restaurant!

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  6. sapirstein says:

    Checkpoint Charlie is a Berlin Wall reference.

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