Blue Whale Season is Upon Us: Let’s Frolic in the Ocean!

As I’ve reported in years past it’s Blue Whale season once again and the Aquarium of the Pacific is teaming up with Harbor Breeze Cruises to explore the area outside of The Port of Long Beach near the beautiful Point Vicente’s Lighthouse for their whale watching excursions. The water is deep there with a canyon that descends down 3,000 feet below sea level, where the Blue Whales feed on Krill during their journey south. I find the whale watching excursions never gets old! There’s the wide open ocean set before you, where swells and waves lift you high into the horizon with the prospect of being surrounded by all of this marvelous aquatic life: these wondrous and fanciful sea creatures make for an arresting experience and one not soon forgotten. The whole family can get involved. There’s so many fun and interesting things to learn about our aquatic world on these Harbor Breeze Cruise whale watching excursions. You can find a more detailed account in one of my previous you can read “Blue Whale Watching Season Has Begun: Conservation Efforts To Save World’s Largest and Smallest Whales”  Every whale watching excursion has all the excitement and adventure you could want, while gazing on these immense and beautiful creatures.

I reported on the Pacific Vision expansion a little over a year ago where Aquarium of the Pacific adding an additional 6,000 sq. ft. The expansion is now in full swing and nearing its completion. Walking through the lobby of the Aquarium of the Pacific I saw the newest addition to the expansion, the gift shop, all fleshed out, beautiful and new, with all sorts of interesting things and “Take home treasures” that celebrates sea life and ocean adventures the Aquarium offers. Aquarium of the Pacific has an active itinerary of upcoming events you can access from the Aquarium of the Pacific Calendar, where you can become informed on many amazing upcoming events offered there. Here the link where can order your tickets online now. For phone reservations, please call (562) 590-3100 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PT. Full summer in full swing it’s a great time to some of LA’s best aquatic adventures!

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