Aquabats Rally Fans to Save The World by September 1st at 8PM!

The multi EMMY nominated and winning Aquabats have initiated a Kickstarter campaign for their Legion of Righteous Comrades to bring back The Aquabats! Super Show! This is the kind of show the whole family can enjoy. The Aquabats! Super Show! will be packed with action, adventures and lots of superhero stuff led by MC Bat Commander and the re-assemble Aquabats will be ready to save the world! Jack Black is onboard as Executive Commander with a genius plan to bring back more Aquabats music and new episodes for the popular The Aquabats! Super Show!

Jack Black, explains: “Ever since I met the MC Bat Commander on the set of Yo Gabba Gabba, I knew we were destined to become allies. Today, I’m excited to officially join forces with The Aquabats and our Righteous Comrades around the world. Together, we can save rock and roll for the kids… and us all. This is an extremely important mission, and I hope you’ll join us.”

The Kickstarter campaign has all the details for you to be a part of saving the world! The Kickstarter campaign started July 31st at 10am and will end on September 1 at 8pm. Be sure to check out the Aquabats mini shows on their Kickstarter page. These mini shows are super rad and ready to watch to give you a taste of the glory awaiting you when you pledge. There are 27 levels you can pledge for Kickstarter and any pledge is welcome, but pledge rewards start as low as $11 with a pledge gift and top out at $25,000 or more. The entry level pledge will entitle you to get you exclusive legion update, a special thanks on The and a legion membership digital kit, while $25,000 plus another $9,975.00 you’ll get everything the $300 pledge gets, serve as the Prime Minister of Aquabania (a private island the Aquabats will buy) and nearly anything else you’d like from the other Aquabats pledge levels. The grand fanale for the Kickstarter campaign will climax with a special at The El Rey Theatre hosted by The Aquabats featuring surprise guests and last-minute special appearances with a live stream countdown so a world-wide audience can virtually be there that night.

As mentioned before Jack Black has signed on as executive producer in partnership with Electric Dynamite. There will be other totally rad people like: Felicia Day, Travis Barker, “Weird Al” Yankovic are a part of this nutty crew in one way or another when The Aquabats! Super Show! goes into production after their Kickstarter campaign ends. Go to The Aquabats Kickstarter page to find out how you be a part of The Aquabats’ mission to save the world!




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