Nude Art LA: Exploring the Nude!

All Photos courtesy of Nude Art LA

It’s time to take it off, I mean, all off! Nude Art LA (NALA) is exploring nudity and “The Nude,” not only in form, but in performance in their second exhibition to be held at Art Share LA in downtown Los Angeles on September 8, 2018, from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The upcoming pop-up art offering various styles of photographs, painting, belly dancing, yoga, sculpture, body art and painting, musicians, burlesque and nude performances. The pop-up exhibition will be featuring over 50 artists with the singular vision to honor and exalt the human form.

I had a chance to have a brief Q &A with a number of the artists that will be showing or performing at NALA. Broni Likomanov, Eric Wallis, Laura Desiree, Michelle L’amour and Paul Roustan were all gracious enough to respond to my queries. I asked a series of questions both general and specific to them and each artist responded from the perspective of their given disciplines and aesthetic point of view. The responses are below.

Nude by Broni Likomanov ( Photo courtesy of Nude Art LA )

Broni Likomanov is an artist who uses surrealism in sketches, painting, and sculpture to express a form of tension and release, or oblivion to existence, expressing a sense of continuous movement. You can see more of his work on Instagram in the above link.

Here Broni Likomanov responds to The LA Beat questions:

I like the way your figures move out for the void. What birthed this idea of movement?

“I have always been fascinated by the movement of the human body and how even a single frame of the continuous movement can tell a whole story. I intentionally strip my artwork from any particular time and space, so all the attention to be on character and his or hers emotions. There’s also something very empowering about the nude figure, and the confidence exuded by being comfortable with oneself with nothing to hide behind.”  

Is there symbolism and/or meaning with moving from nothing to something?

“Definitely. You will notice that characters in my “stories” are never fully complete, much like how the brain stores memories. We attempt to reconstruct and reassemble pieces of an experience from images, smells, sounds, and other sensory details. However, the truth is it can never be complete.”

I see you paint, sketch and sculpt. What medium is your favorite form of expression?

“Drawing, painting, and sculpting are equally important to me.  Each medium represents a particular period of my art life. I rarely do all three at the same time.  The moment I get “stuck” on a painting, I move to sculpting or drawing to explore other ideas. 

I also prefer to draw, paint, and sculpt with my fingers.  I find there’s something very soothing in the tactile sensation of touching the material you are working with clay, paint, charcoal, etc. It’s like art meditation.”

What do you think your work says generally about your aesthetic, or where you want to take people?

“It’s difficult for me to pinpoint a specific style my art would fall within, but figurative expressionism might be the closest.  What’s most important for me is that the art resonates with the viewer. If my art provokes an emotional response, I’ve succeeded. 

Nude by Eric Wallis ( Photo courtesy of Nude Art LA )

Eric Wallis has painted since he was a child with his father, Kent R. Wallis, who was a painter as well. Impressionism is his art form for his expression of nudes that prove both fluid and organic with an eye pleasing color palette.

Here Eric Wallis responds to The LA Beat questions:

Are your paintings sparked from your imagination, do you use models? 

“I use models. I pose them with the ideas I come up with from sketches worked out from my imagination. Sometimes I look for photos that fit the idea. My favorite is to have models pose live.”

I know impressionism is how you express your work. What do you think your work says about your aesthetic or where you want to take people?

“I use impressionism so that everything isn’t super defined. I want the viewer to step into the work and imagine what may be happening, or imagine themselves as the subject of the piece. I like romancing the viewer.”

Laura Desiree is a burlesque and exotic performer who experiments with stripe tease and sex play to engage and titillate her audience.

Here Laura Desiree responds to The LA Beat questions:

Will you be doing straight up burlesque or will it be more like performance art?

“These days ‘burlesque’ performances are so flash and bang in length. Ranging from three to six minutes. The originators of the art form were known to build up the most delicious slow-burning, elaborate performances ranging 10-20 minutes. I’m looking forward to performing a more ‘extended’ version of one of my oldest ‘classic burlesque’ routines. If anything, it’ll be more like a one-woman cinematic striptease with character development and plot resolution. Perhaps a standing ovation? (a girl can always dream)”

I saw you use sex toys in your performance in a playful way. Will that be a part of what you’ll do that evening?

“I LOVE involving sex toys in my performances. I have a performance serenading an extra-large dildo to Carly Simon’s ‘Nobody Does it Better’, ending in a deep and penetrative climax.

Sometimes the MOST fun is creating erotica with inanimate objects. It forces the mind to see the potential in arousal anywhere and everywhere … I will likely have a few ‘love interests’ join me on stage.”

What do you think your work says generally about your aesthetic or where you want to take people?

“My mother died (very slowly of cancer) when I was a child. My understanding of female roles came from my father’s affinity for classic Film Noir and Old Hollywood in general. It was much easier to escape pain through cinema as a family unit. Part of my life philosophy is exorcising my power as a sexually-outspoken woman. It often intimidates, confuses and frustrates … but feels good to think about surrendering to, in the privacy of one’s mind. I will always look to spotlight the power we command as women, and the importance of getting acquainted with it. Unapologetically.”

Michelle L’amour is known as “The Most Naked Woman” and she’ll be offering her take on the Burlesque that ranges from more traditional burlesque to the exotic fan dance, while focusing on glamour and elegance with her naked art.

Here Michelle L’amour responds to The LA Beat questions:

Will you be doing straight up burlesque or will it be more like performance art?

“I will be doing a version of burlesque. I’m not a strict classic burlesque girl. I enjoy it but I also enjoy bringing something new to the art form. My first piece for the private party portion of the evening will be something very still to Moonlight Sonata. The piece is about discovering your own beauty, seducing yourself, and luxuriating in the moment. The second piece for the public will be my Sally Rand fan dance tribute to Clair de Lune by Debussy. It is one of my favorite acts to perform.”

What do you think your work says generally about your aesthetic or where you want to take people?

“In everything I do, I strive to bring truth to beauty and glamour. I believe in being authentic and vulnerable and positively sexual. No matter the act I do, whether it’s aggressive and confrontational, or sweet and graceful, they are all versions of me. Instead of bringing a character to the stage, I show you different aspects of my personality that I want to highlight in the moment. Whatever I bring to you, you will know that it is me and that it is true.”

Nude by Paul Roustan ( Photo courtesy of Nude Art LA )

Paul Roustan is a body painter. His work for the evening will be live painting on the canvas of his simi-nude models. His art is a combination of imagination and performance, illuminated on the bodies of his beautiful subjects.

Here Paul Roustan responds to The LA Beat questions:

Will you have models already painted for the opening or will it more like a performance (Live painting), or both?

“I’ll be painting one model for the duration of the show so people can watch the process and take pictures of and with the model.”

Will movement of the models be expected or rather be part of the performance/art work?

“The model will be standing straight most of the time I will be painting.”

Will there be messaging in your work or an idea that will drive your work that evening? Will there be a theme?

“Some of my work is about a celebration of the model and his/her personality interests. Like a narrative of who this person is. Other times, I just have loose fun and try to create something aesthetically beautiful. For this show, I am planning on painting one of my regular faves, Shadia Elise. She is an actress/fine art model. I’ve painted her over a dozen times and have made her into various characters and looks. So, I am just going to carry on that cchameleon-likenature of hers and do something aesthetically strong.” 

What do you think your work says generally about your aesthetic or where you want to take people?

“I like painting things that move me emotionally. I think if I’m true to that, people can relate and have similar reactions. For example, I’m a sucker for 80’s nostalgia and the good feelings in brings back. I like to use elements from that decade that reignite those childhood memories. One of the other styles I’ve been exploring are caustics of water. I’m a sucker for water, my favorite element, and I know I’m not alone. The reflections you see on a ceiling near a swimming pool have always been hypnotic to me. So, I’ve been really exploring recreating those patterns on the human body.”

Nude Art LA will be open to the general public from 7:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m on September 8, 2018, at Art Share LA, 801 E 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

There is a “Nude” preview from 5-7 p.m. for those who want to experience the work and performances au naturel, sans body shaming and lacking the artifice of clothing.

Go to the form here and sign up. There are rules of engagement and a lucky few will be chosen to be a part of this exclusive group. A quote form the press release put it this way “As art fans, we wanted to make art accessible to a wide number of people, and what better way than to showcase the naked human body in its beautiful colors, shapes and sizes?”

Nude Art LA will hold an expansive art show exalting the human body with over 60 artists showcasing nudity and nudes in their various and marvelous depictions for everyone to enjoy. It will be a night to remember!

For ticket and map information click here.

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