TODAY! And through weekend: Massive Estate Sale of Landmark ‘Tokio Florist’ Underway in Silverlake

Photo by Mitch Braiman. The Again LA Estate Sale at Tokio Florist, in Silverlake, California, November 21, 2018.

UPDATED 12/2/18 – Again L.A. Estate Sales is once again undertaking a huge estate sale filled with vintage collectibles and select valued items, this one now currently underway in the home and location of the now-closed landmark Tokio Florist in the Hyperion-Silverlake area, through to Sunday, December 2, 2018.

The floral shop, once a fixture in the Los Feliz area where they grew their own flowers, moved in the early 60’s to the mansion nestled on the hillside, adjacent to Trader Joes. Now owned by Susie Kozawa, daughter of Frank and Sumiko “Sumi” Kozawa whose family opened Tokio Florist just after moving to Los Angeles from San Diego in 1929.

“Four generations of the Kozawa family treasures will be sold … 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily,” said Dan Jordan of Again L.A. Estate Sales on Facebook. “The family home is jam-packed with antique collectibles and vintage items, decades of pottery and floral florist supplies. This is one not to be missed!”

The Again LA Estate Sale at Tokio Florist, in Silverlake, California, November 21, 2018. (Photo by Monique A. LeBleu)

Inside the mansion is Japanese pottery, collectible dolls, tea sets, Victorian cup and saucer sets, gilded paintings and room dividers, ceramic collectibles, fine wood furniture, a Steinway piano, curiosity cabinets, cookware, as well as many handcrafted items made by Frank Kozawa.

In the den, vintage cameras, a 16mm projector, and even some 16mm “Boogie Nights” type 1970’s vintage films—a.k.a porn—and Playboy magazines.

In the bedrooms, vintage clothing, furs, pillbox hats, purses, bedding, throws, 78 vinyl—including vintage Japanese and Christmas album collections—cigar boxes (some cigars still wrapped!), and so much more.

Outside, the items for sale largely range from remnants of the floral shop such as vintage large Bauerware pottery jars, vases, floral wire, dry décor, clay pots, ribbons, glassware, and canning jars.

In the garage and terraces are vintage tools, buckets of nails, vintage luggage and steam trunks, bird cages, tins,  large Japanese tea storage tins, canning jars, large Christmas decor, and more.

Today, Friday, items are 20%, on Saturday, December 1, items are 50% off and Sunday, December 2, 2018, items are 75% off!

The Again L.A. Estate sale at Tokio Florist is located at 2718 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles (Silverlake) 90027

Updated 12/1/18 at 1:45 a.m. to correct and update the attribution for Dan Jordan of Again L.A. Estate Sales.

Updated 12/2/18 at 11:45 p.m. Correction: the “Boogie Nights” style 70’s pron was 8mm, not 16mm; as of 3:30 today over 95% of the house’s contents and sale were sold.

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