Motion Plus Design’s Los Angeles Debut

Motion Plus Design at the Montalibán. Photo by Genesia Ting for the Los Angeles Beat.

After being held in Tokyo and Paris multiple times, Motion Plus Design finally made its Los Angeles debut last weekend. The highly anticipated event for designers and animators alike brought together 8 motion designers from varied backgrounds – including renowned designer Kyle Cooper, Director of Imaginary Forces Karin Fong, and even younger talent like Min Shi.

The event provided unique insight into the journeys and day-in-the-life’s of these motion designers coupled with advice, jokes, and ultimately their perspectives. As a designer myself, it was fantastic to learn a lot about what goes into the process of creating a title screen, 3D model for a short film, or even work cross-functionally with other team members. With well-timed breaks between each talk, attendees were able to connect with other like-minded folks and explore the Montalibán.

Check out our photos from the event below:


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