Pole Show LA presents ‘RISE’: What Did That Look Like! (Mezzo Tempo)

The evening only heated up further as every performance grew more lavish. Every vignette had skillfully and beautifully choreographed dance ensembles with as perfect tuned bodies swept across the stage floor, then flew with ease on the poles and spun to ever greater heights of fancy and imagination. The evening culminated with Leigh Ann Reilly gathering her crew of exotics and dancers up on the stage for a cheery salutation to the audience, popping of the champagne corks and the unabated tossing of undergarments in the most celebratory manner to send all in attendance on their merry way after reveling in all things L’amour!

Photo Gallery after the Break

Performances in this second RISE Pole Show LA Gallery include “Stampede” with Kelsea Alabama, a performance by Kira Noire, a performance by Doris Arnold and “Moulin Rouge” Choreographed by Jordan Kensley with Courtney Robinson, Liana Peraza and Natasha Vartaniants.

Billy Bennight

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