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Daddy Issues or How I Attempted to Learn Pole Dancing

When I go to a new town on vacation, I try to visit the most famous church, the oldest graveyard, and a strip club. I believe that’s how you get the feel of a town: How they worship their god, how they … Continue reading

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Pole Show LA presents ‘RISE’: What Did That Look Like! (Mezzo Tempo)

The evening only heated up further as every performance grew more lavish. Every vignette had skillfully and beautifully choreographed dance ensembles with as perfect tuned bodies swept across the stage floor, then flew with ease on the poles and spun … Continue reading

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Pole Show LA 2018: What Did That Look Like?

The Pole Show LA always puts on a remarkable and rapturous show. So I was primed for an evening of aerial acrobatics and burlesque naughtiness that inspires me with awe for these athletically gifted dancers and captivates my eyes with sensational … Continue reading

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