Theater Review: An Evening of One Acts

Cast (L – R): David Garelik (Julian) Anna Garcia (Harper) Jon Marco (Christopher). Photo courtesy of Catworks Production.

“An Evening of One Acts” at Theatre Unlimited in NoHo is fun, entertaining, thought-provoking and diverse. The show runs through April 6th, so be sure to catch it.

First up was a colorful piece about legendary screen icon Joan Crawford, called “Joan.” Written by Bernadette Armstrong, directed by Collette Rutherford and starring a talented trio, Goreti da Silva is great as screen queen Joan Crawford, who wakes up bewildered  to find herself deceased and in her afterlife. Ms. da Silva flawlessly captures Miss Crawford’s persona and essence, and has an interesting resemblance to her as well. She is resplendent in her glamorous turbin, pajamas and robe.

David Trice as News Reporter and Christine Uhebe as Anonymous provide strong supporting performances. Joan doesn’t particularly like being dead, but still the star, she’s thrilled to  read reports of her demise and star-studded life, both on the big screen and off. Lovers of classic Hollywood will enjoy this intimate portrait, sprinkled with humor about the driven, compulsive, misunderstood, generally well-meaning, and highly emotional Oscar winner.

Next up was the very clever “What Did They Say?” a fast-moving comedy by first-time writer Wendy Winter. The plot surrounds a family of six and their various sexual orientations attending a modern SoCal Mother’s Day gathering. Anna Garcia plays the feisty lesbian firstborn daughter, Harper. David Garelik plays twin Julian, who is coming to terms with his sexual identity. His bewildered straight twin Felicia is played by Marinela Zubovic. Joining the fun is Jon Marco as gay dad Christopher, and Bryan Porter as Shane, Felicia’s better half. Affable, loving mom Emily, played by Sue Gerver, has a few big surprises up her sleeve as well. “What Did They Say?” was inspired by real people in writer Wendy Winter’s life. It is a complex, humorous and honest piece brought to life by a talented cast.

Theatre Unlimited is located at 10943 Camarillo Street in North Hollywood. Tickets are $20. Running time is about 80 minutes with one intermission. You may purchase tickets here.

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