The 2019 Los Angeles “COLA” Reception for Individual Artist Fellowships Honoring LA’s Creativity

Katie Grinnan “5 Seconds of Dreaming” courtesy of DCA

Sunday, May 19th, kicks off the “DCA” Department of Cultural Affairs’ 2019 City of Los Angeles “COLA.” The DCA will celebrate Individual Artist Fellowships with an opening reception and exhibit to bring attention to the various artists Sunday, May 19th (Visual Arts) and Saturday, June 1st (Literary Arts). This is an annual celebration and honors grants up to $10,000 to exemplary mid-career artists in the Los Angeles area to support them in the creation of new works of art.

The grants are offered in the disciplines of design/visual arts, literary arts, and performing arts.These 14 artists will be honored with the 2019 COLA fellowships: Juan Capistrán, Enrique Castrejon, Kim Fisher, Katie Grinnan, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Alice Könitz, Olga Koumoundouros, Suzanne Lummis, Aleida Rodríguez, Sandy Rodriguez, Stephanie Taylor, Dwight Trible, Peter Wu, and Jenny Yurshansky.

The exhibit will take place at DCA’s Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery located at 4800 Hollywood Boulevard in Barnsdall Park, from May 23 through July 14, 2019. The opening reception is on May 19 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

COLA Visual Arts Exhibition will have a special performance of Katie Grinnan’s “5 Seconds of Dreaming” with musicians Kozue Matsumoto and Eugene Moon during the opening reception on Sunday at 3 PM. This is Kate’s first performance since Desert X. She’ll be using 4 instruments in this performance, wooden sculptures, made of wooden surfaces and strings, that are adapted to reflect the artist’s brain activity during sleep using EEG diagrams representing the artist’s thoughts in musical form.

The Literary Presentation will take place on June 1, 2019, 8:00 p.m. at Grand Performances for those interested in this aspect of DCA fellows presentation for the arts.

For additional information about DCA and DCA’s LA’s Municipal Art Gallery visit DCA’s website, and COLA’s website.

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DCA’s Instagram @culture_la

COLA’s Facebook

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