The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 5/16/19 – 5/22/19

The Damned, photo by Hilary Russell

Looking for cool live music this week? Here’s some show recommendations:

Thursday 5/16

1720 – Fartbarf, Melted Bodies + Slut Island

Cafe Nela – Marea Katopodis, Jean Caffeine, Lisa Mednik + Sparkle Stars

Harvard & Stone – The Two Tens + Tiger Tank

Friday 5/17

Cafe Nela – Joe Baiza & Jason Kahn, Lawndale, Insect Surfers, The Black Widows + The Del Toros

Harold’s Place – Suzi Moon’s B-Day with Turbulent Hearts, Total Massacre, Flesh Blood & Bones + Drops Outs

Redwood Bar – Fur Dixon & WTFukashima, Gitane Demone Quartet + Brutalists

Ventura Theater – The Exploited, D.I., Total Chaos + IDecline, all ages

Saturday 5/18

Cafe Nela – Haunted Garage, Ravens Moreland, Candy ½ g, Tardo + Klunkurr

The Gaslamp (Long Beach) – Guana Bats, Delta Bombers, The Rhythm Shakers + Outlaw Daddies

Maui Sugar Mill – Deadbolt, Tiki Creeps, DB Cooper & MK Ultra + DJ GreasyGeorge

The Rose (Pasadena) – Puddles Pity Party

Zebulon – Gibby Haynes & Aaron Tanner will sign their new book, “What Does Regret Mean?” a 304 page visual history of the Butthole Surfers. Also a Q&A session, David Yow of The Jesus Lizard moderating

Sunday 5/19

Cafe Nela – Manhattan Murder Mystery, Non-Blips, Obnox, Circus, of Books, Tara & the Little Stars + Santa Monica Stars

Joe’s Great American – The Messaround celebrating Jimmy Angel’s 84th birthday and playing with his band, also Pedal Strike, The Zip Guns, Tracy Dawn + The Stingrays, 6pm

Love Song – I See Hawks in L.A., Brian Whelan + The Furious Seasons

The Novo – The Exploited, D.I. + Total Chaos

Monday 5/20

The Echoplex – Capyac, Trouble in the Streets, Holander, Polartropica + Pearl Earl

Maui Sugar Mill – The Blue Henrys + Philip Sayce

Tuesday 5/21

Bootleg Theater – Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) “Off on a Tangent”

Redwood Bar – Superunloaded, First Fire + The Darbies

Wednesday 5/22

Alex’s Bar – The Damned + Jello Biafra’s incredibly Strange Dance Party DJ set

Redwood Bar – Los Fauna, Miracle Wave, Sound Station + Dyed Hydes

Yost Theater – Killing Joke (Laugh at Your Peril album 40th Anniversary)

For this week’s full live show listings, please check out The Intown Report!



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