S.C. Mero Set the ‘Trap’ in DTLA

“Tourist Trap” by S.C. Mero in the Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles. All Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

The art of DTLA artist S.C. Mero, who is known for a prankster’s approach to art combining installation and performance, has been taking place in downtown for some time now.

Her artwork appeared earlier this year in the L.A. Art Show varying from her street work to work large in format and fanciful in nature. She favors the odd and grand statement while exaggeration and whimsical expressions are her trademarks.

The installations can be temporary as a pop-up somewhere on the LA streets, or rather long term, enchanting onlookers for long periods of time.

Her works can offer social commentary or can be humorous or both. Her newest installation was set up in the old Art District of downtown and was called “Tourist Trap”. The Tourist Trap was laid out on the street near the Pie Hole where it so happened tourists of all strips were cruising the streets, and Angel City Brewery was hosting a big shindig just down the street.

To quote myself from my Instagram page, “The trap was set near the Pie Hole! S.C.Mero’s ‘Tourist Trap’ was set early in the day in the old Arts District. Crowds of tourist were tempted by the allure of the Trap. At times the trap offered a pie or a ‘Lime’ (you know people really want the Lime) to draw tourist into its jagged jaws. Unwittingly, Tourist fell for the Trap!” 

As of this weekend, the Tourist Trap is still tempting and enticing innocents and sophisticates alike into it shinning and jagged jaws. The installation offers a hypnotic quality that draws people in and the fascination of high-risk brinkmanship lures the thrill seeker and the would-be adventurer. Go there if you dare, before you do bid farewell to your loved ones and friends because there is a palpable sense of danger on that corner, and art, my friend!

Billy Bennight

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