Things we Loved this Week

Fela Kuti. This has been knocking me out all week, both tracks. And it is becoming some of my favorite driving music. (Bob Lee).

Deadwood: The Movie Long-awaited coda to David Milch’s much loved, proudly profane Western series from HBO. For diehards, this feature-length effort, written by Milch and starring nearly all of the original players, still won’t stand as a substitute for a fourth season (or more), which the pay cabler took off the table for reasons that are still under debate today. For others, watching Ian McShane, as the series’ remarkable and diabolical antihero, saloonkeeper Al Swearengen, grapple again with Milch’s Shakespeare-on-the-trail dialogue will be the transportive television experience they’ve dreamt of for more than a decade. (Paul Gaita).

Grevensteiner Really good unfiltered lager from the relatively big, but still independent Veltins brewery (founded 1824). It has a traditional look, but they brought it on the market recently to make an easy-to-drink “old-fashioned” beer. Found at Jon’s Market. (Jonathan Hall and Thorsten Müller).

Seven Stones by Diana Gabaldon If you are obsessed by the Outlander series on Starz and can’t wait for the next season, or if the eight gigantic tomes by Diana Gabaldon aren’t enough for you, these stand-alone short stories involving a variety of characters from the Outlander World will keep you happy.  Seven Stones on Amazon (Elise Thompson).

Zuru Robo Alive Fish. My cats LOVE these little toy fish! Put them in a clear Tupperware container full of water. They swim around, and cats go nuts and eventually fish them out. The turtle is too big for them to try to kill, but they stare, mesmerized. The toy fish “die” after about 15 minutes and need to dry out before they will swim again. They also have scuttling cockroaches that would probably send my cats into a frenzy, but I just can’t.  ZURU Robo Alive on Amazon (Elise Thompson).

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