We Are Giving Away Two Tickets to the Last Ever LA Food Fest Happening this Saturday!

McConnell’s Ice Cream at at LA Food Fest. Photo by Elise Thompson.


This coming Saturday, June 29, 2019, the 10th Annual LA Food Fest will be taking over Santa Anita Park infield for one last time. And you can win two free tickets right here for unlimited treats and drinks from 90 of the top chefs, cocktail shakers, vintners and brewers in LA, plus special guests from Baja and Mexico City!

***To enter, simply comment on this post with your favorite LA restaurant! Winners will be chosen Wednesday, June 26th so don’t dawdle!***

Participating restaurants include Pez Cantina, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Pinches Flautas, Sushi Roku, Ek’balam Yucatan Cuisine, Mama Musubi, Cevicheria las Olas, Mi Piace, and our favorite–The Eagle Rock Public House. Refresh yourself with beer from Golden Road Brewing, Hop Valley Brewing, Newcastle Brewing and Asahi, plus unlimited cocktails and wine. (Maybe take an Uber.) There will also be plenty of nonalcoholic drinks for teetotalers.

In the Nuevo Gastropub, enjoy Latin flavors from top chefs from Mexico, Colombia, and even Canada! Pair it with tequila from distilleries lik  Tridente, and Lucha, as well as mezcals from La Bendicion Mezcal and Mission Cielo Mezcal. You can even get a preview of Gordon Ramsay’s upcoming National Geographic series, “Uncharted,” including special dishes. There will also be an Iced Coffee Lounge, and my favorite feature–The Ice Cream Social, featuring sweets from places like My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, the Pie Hole, Luvspun, You Had Me at Helado, Bertha Mae’s Brownies, Peaches Bakeshop and Voodoo Donut, which we are so excited to finally try! Live bands and DJs will entertain you throughout the day.

If you don’t win tickets to this extravaganza, you can purchase them for $69.00 (+$4.79 fee) or VIP for $99.00 (+$6.44 fee), which includes early entry at 2 PM, special parking, a VIP section, and swag. A portion of the proceeds go to Food Forward, which supplies surplus produce to people in need. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.


Elise Thompson

About Elise Thompson

Born and raised in the great city of Los Angeles, this food, culture and music-loving punk rock angeleno wants to turn you on to all that is funky, delicious and weird in the city. While Elise holds down the fort, her adventurous alter ego Kiki Maraschino is known to roam the country in search of catfish.
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104 Responses to We Are Giving Away Two Tickets to the Last Ever LA Food Fest Happening this Saturday!

  1. Richard Greenwalt says:

    Favorite restaurant in LA has to be Red Lion Tavern. I’m a sucker for a good theme restaurant!

  2. Eric says:


  3. Stacey Lariz says:

    Favorite restaurant: Morrisson’s!

  4. Josh R says:

    My favorite is Anarkali Indian on Melrose!

  5. Vivian says:

    Favorite LA spot is homestate!

  6. Veronica Shin says:

    Bennys tacos. It’s exactly what LA stands for. Quick, fresh, and friendly faces!

  7. Adren Bierman says:

    Favorite Restaurant is the Pantry in downtown ! Never closes!

  8. Nicole B says:

    My favorite restaurant in LA is Kanpai Ramen in Glendale. The most amazing ramen!! Even better, from 9pm-10pm on weekdays, it’s buy one get one for a $1!

    Hoping to win 🙂 thanks!

  9. J.L. Byers says:

    Krimsey’s in NoHo

  10. Debbi says:

    My fav restaurant in Los Angeles is Silverlake Ramen! Yum!!

  11. Jose says:

    Nobu is on the top of that list. Let’s win these tickets! I’m hungry!

  12. Veronica Shin says:

    Benny’s tacos! It’s what LA is. Fresh, fast and friendly service.

  13. Christina Cucinotti says:

    My favorite is Taix. A great place for groups. Been going for many MANY years.

  14. Joel Rosen says:

    Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica

  15. loraine labet says:

    Favorite restaurant is Republique!

  16. Roy Hwang says:

    Kali on Melrose!

  17. Alice says:

    EMC has hands down my favorite late HH! (The fries are to die for)!

  18. Pldrozd says:

    El Cochinito in Silver Lake, best Cubano and soups I’ve tried!

  19. Jesus says:

    Big fan of Sqirl.

  20. Max says:

    Baco Shop.

    May she Rest In Peace.

    Hatchet Hall is my living favorite.

  21. Alexa Guillen says:

    My favorite is probably Porto’s. It’s a classic and everything I’ve had has been great!

  22. Daniel Rodriguez says:


  23. Alexa G says:

    My favorite is Porto’s! It’s a classic and I’ve never had a bad meal there.

  24. Nicole Chiarenza says:

    Favorite restaurant is guisados in Burbank!

  25. Angel Montano says:

    Favorite food spot: Arry’s Burgers 🙂

  26. Isabella says:

    My favorite has been Jon & Vinny’s because I can’t stop eating the bolognese and the meatballs!

  27. Hunter says:

    My favorite is Cassell’s on 6th and Normandie 🙂

  28. Edy Paz says:

    My favorite food is pizza and favorite LA pizza is Masa of Echo Park. I’m still on the lookout for a place that has better Chicago style deepdish.

  29. Taylor says:

    Birdies downtown!

  30. Roger Chen says:

    Lee’s Garden in Alhambra! Best Taiwanese food in the 626.

  31. Jeff Thiel says:

    Favorite Place is The Capri in Eagle Rock

  32. Susie Loera says:

    My favorite L.A. restaurant is “Pinches Flautas”.

  33. Daniel Ramos says:

    Kyoto Ramen, hands down favorite ramen!

  34. Azucena says:


  35. Aaron says:

    Pez Cantina

  36. Vivi says:

    Marugame Monzo ~!

  37. Cynthia says:

    Punts Cabral in Santa Monica!

  38. Chris Bisente says:

    Howlin Rays is my favorite place

  39. Lily says:


  40. Caitlin Oconnor says:

    Gracias Madre ☝🏻

  41. Alex M. says:


  42. lynne says:

    Just started to learn and love silverlake ramen!

  43. Edwin says:

    Pizza Jones in Boyle hieghts

  44. Matt Ruiz says:

    Pizza Bouna in Echo Park.

  45. Erica says:


  46. Emmanuel Feeney says:

    Favorite restaurant is Lala’s Argentinian Grill in Studio City.

  47. Cynthia Moncada says:

    I’d love to be able to go!

  48. Jackson says:

    Nick + Stef’s. Ways a winner.

  49. Fernando Gomez says:

    Jimboy’s Tacos

  50. Sarah says:

    All Time in Los Feliz. Bomb!!

  51. Ping says:

    Spoon by H

  52. Timothy Franks says:

    Favorite restaurant is Sushi Komasa.

  53. David Wareham says:

    I loved the Grilled Cheese Truck. Stumbled across it in the Glendale Galleria seemingly ages ago and never have seen it since. I can’t wait for the Food Fest. Traded my shift just to be able to make it.

  54. Katie Gaitan says:

    I’m all about the Sushi Roku

  55. Shirley K says:

    Valley gal checking in and you’ll always find me at Tipsy Cow! Nom nom nom. Glug Glug Glug.

  56. Mahuryce Johnson says:

    My favorite is The Grilled Cheese Truck, choose me!

  57. Diane W. says:

    Can’t wait for the fooooooddd!!!!

  58. Jacob Warren says:

    Kyto Ramen

  59. fatema says:

    my favorite is Yerim bbq!

  60. Frank Roh says:

    Mario’s Peruvian & Seafood

  61. Joey Jennings says:

    I’d love to win as I’ve never been. My fave LA restaurant is Craig’s..Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Jacob McWhorter says:

    Current favorite is Sol Y Luna in Woodland Hills. Beautiful restaurant with some of the best food I’ve ever had.

  63. Barbara Perle says:

    My favorite Persian restaurant is Shamshiri in Northridge.

  64. Gracie says:

    one of my favorites: Baco Mercat!

  65. Lisa says:

    El Sol in La Crescenta!!

  66. Brian Zolenski says:

    I really like division 3 in hollywood. Amazing breakfast sandwiches and lunch specials as well. For a foodie it fits the bill perfectly.

  67. Nikki Carpenter says:

    I love KazuNori! Such delicious food with a fun experience!

  68. Eric Halasz says:

    HMS Bounty for GREAT food and cocktails!

  69. Martha says:

    Village Pizza in Larchmont. Best pizza ever!

  70. Eric Halasz says:

    Taylor’s Steakhouse for GREAT food and cocktails in a classic historic Los Angeles restaurant.

  71. Argin P says:

    My favorite restaurant is Bludso’s Bar & Que!

  72. Randall says:

    My favorite LA restaurant is Father’s Office. Life is different after that burger.

  73. Hank Murray says:

    I would say my favorite place in LA is Moriscos Jalisco. The Tacos de Camaron are perfect!

  74. Diana says:

    My favorite is Mashti Malone’s!

  75. Shirley K says:

    You will often find me at Tipsy Cow! Damn good burgers and libations.

    • Shirley K says:

      Aww sorry I thought my original reply didn’t make it in but I see it’s in there now. Whoops! Hope this doesn’t disqualify me 😭

  76. Oscar says:

    Rococo Ramen in Granada Hills is dope! Hope I win!

  77. Bo says:

    I love MB Post. Such a great neighborhood spot!

  78. Jenna says:

    Mi Ranchito Veracruz in Noho!! Perfect masa 😍

  79. Nick says:

    Favorite restaurant: Kai Ramen in Sherman Oaks!

  80. RW says:

    Dune! yum

  81. Chris C. says:

    La chuperia in Lincoln heights! Best tortas and micheladas.

  82. Chris C. says:

    La chuperia in Lincoln heights has the best tortas and micheladas!

  83. Oscar Lopez says:


  84. Michael Wong says:

    My favorite restaurant is Daikokuya in Little Tokyo!

  85. Anjelina Noh says:

    Tito’s Tacos!

  86. DD says:

    The Tamale Man

  87. Kevin White says:

    Tamale man

  88. Tracey says:

    My favorite restaurant is Trio House the Thai food there is Excellent!

  89. Brandee R. says:

    Eagle Rock Public House is my fave too!

  90. spoonderful says:

    I love Cassell’s, but recently been turned onto Monty’s! Great place to get your vegan burger fix.

  91. Stacy P. says:

    Hands down, Bavel!

  92. Daniel Zotelo says:

    Favorite restaurant has to be Sushi Roku. My fiance and I love eating there any chance we get!

  93. Sarah Stanzione says:

    My favorite has to be Delancey. So underrated.

  94. Cassidy says:

    It’s so hard to choose…this is actually one of the hardest questions someone can ask me. My favorite place I’ve recently tried is Blu Jam Cafe. I can only place all time favorites by category. Like my favorite kbbq place in terms of price to quality ratio is Meat Love, Summer Buffalo is my favorite Thai, my fav Russian is Traktir, favorite Szechuan place is Chengdu Taste… Also, anything the late lovely Jonathan Gold has reviewed. He’s never let me down, and he leaves no room for people to deny that Los Angeles is a food heaven. I love that you can travel short distances here and feel as if you’ve travelled the world.

  95. Roxy M says:

    26 Beach in Venice has awesome food

  96. Cheryl Woodson says:

    Pop champagne bar and restaurant and MB Post

  97. Sarah says:

    Jesse boys! Such a good hole in the wall place

  98. Chris S says:

    Lorenzo’s NY pizza !

  99. Minmay Ly says:

    OB Bear in K-Town!

  100. Edward h says:


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