It’s Like Studio 54…but with Goats

Courtesy of Hello Critter

Billy, Gigi, and Fanny Farm-girl were waiting patiently at the end of the room as the dancers started to file into the studio. I had no idea what to expect. Many of the dancers were adorned in their 1970s finest, looking like they’d just stepped out of a “Saturday Night Fever” movie poster. Platform shoes, rainbow knee-socks, and matching elastic headbands could be seen among participants in this sold-out dance class. I had just heard about this class and signed up mostly on a whim. Little did I know that this was Studio 54, but with a twist. The twist? Enter Billy, Gigi and Fanny Farm-girl, who were the goats of “Goats Disco Dance” class led by sign language interpreter, artist and dancer, Mona Jean Cedar at Twinkle Toes Dance Studio in Highland Park.

Courtesy of Hello Critter.

What better way to learn while you burn? I was not disappointed. The entire class became versed in “the Hustle” while goats weaved in and out of our dance line. KC and the Sunshine Band blasted out of the boom box, leading the musical charge and inspiring some “Bad Girl” moves. Donna Summer was belting out sweet inspiration and “showing us how to do it now” while we boogie-oogie-oogied and shook our “thangs.” It was a frikkin’ disco inferno!

Even the cloven-footed Fred and Gingers wanted in on the action. “Dancing with the Stars” has got nothing on these diamonds in the rough. Mona Jean turned up the heat for a full 45 minutes with a 15-minute post stretch “come down.” Michelle Tritten, (goat mom to these precious critters) and Mona Jean came up with the idea of Goat Disco Dancercise while “sipping drinks” on a 4th of July weekend. What transpired was a fun-filled dance cardio partay with plenty of shaking boots along with eager “kids” sauntering in and out through unsuspecting dancers legs without missing a beat. It was a helluva way to learn some cool dance moves and burn stubborn fat while petting n’ scratching some cute critters who were just passing through. So, don’t just stfd…. goat up and boogie (sorry, just had to…). It’ll make your bra snap as mine did right in the middle of “Staying Alive!”

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Courtesy of Hello Critter.

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  1. From what I’ve heard about Studio 54, goats would not surprise me. Like Studio 54 but with MORE Goats!

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