‘Nothing Cheezy’ is a Maximalist Art-Inspired Pop-Up Popping Up in DTLA

Elizabeth Trillo posing with the “Nothing Cheezy” art of Bakersson at Think Tank Gallery in DTLA photo by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

On Tuesday I joined Lowbrow artist Anthony Ausgang, his wife, Dr. Liz Koskenmaki, Liz Trillo and a number of the featured artists at the “Nothing Cheezy” media night preview. The exhibit is an interactive, light-hearted mockery of pop-ups that is popping up in DTLA starting July 20th and running through Aug. 25th. It’s a young, funky and playful exhibition. Every room has a different theme, and all of the 13 installations offer fun selfie opportunities. 

I had lively chats with Cho of UtopiaUS and A.J. of Balloonski about their art and the creative process involved in making it. It was an evening of fun, art and pizza as we nested in the back of the gallery where the people, art and food mixed. “Nothing Cheezy” should be an enjoyable romp for LA natives to dig into some art-fun-craziness. Check out the photo gallery for the full story.

“Nothing Cheezy” is happening at Think Tank Gallery a collaboration of Pizzaboyzzz and Future Fantasy (who are part of the arts and entertainment collective and Maximalist Art of Meow Wolf), featuring larger than life, dramatically immersive, and visually engaging installations by Cheap Slasher Films, Nina Palomba, Butch Von Dreaux, TOFU, Abars, Berk Visual, Isa Beniston (Gentle Thrills), Baker’s Son, Anta52, Balloonski, Deladeso, and Utopia US.

Anthony Ausgang Photo by Liz Koskenmaki

Upon opening to the public on Saturday, “Nothing Cheezy” will run five days a week with a rotating gallery, special events and small pizza-themed works of art for sale. There is a pay-what-you-can entry fee as well as different levels of ticketed tours. The ticketed tour of the “craziest kitchen you’ve ever seen” will have a guide lead you through the 13 themed environments, and will be available for $18 and up with a family package available. The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

There will be curated nightly events by local event producers throughout the Think Tank Gallery and an adjacent space that comes with a complimentary slice of pizza (spotlighting some of LA’s most hyped pizza joints), with vegan options available too.

As part of the Nothing Cheezy’s experience, there will be exclusive enamel pin created by Pizzaboyzzz and Bloody Gums for those who attend a ticketed tour, but they can also be purchased separately. “Nothing Cheezy” has all the cheese you want and all the fun you, your family and friends deserve.

Tickets are available at Think Tank Gallery which is located at 516 E 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 in DTLA

Billy Bennight

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