THEATRE REVIEW – ‘Batter Up’ Not Just For Baseball Fans, Extended at Hollywood Fringe

You don’t have to love–or even like–baseball in order to love “Batter Up: My Brain on Baseball”, but it helps. “Batter Up” is an astonishing display of memory retention like no other. Highly entertaining and charismatic, self-defined “baseball savant,” Brett Moore, not only gives us some somewhat practical knowledge of Baseball Hall of Fame statistical information—and, for me, it’s almost useless—but also presents some really great historical information as well.

His extensive knowledge also includes that of the Negro Leagues, the nearly forgotten collective financial savior to Major League Baseball during (and post) wartime years, and he presents all of this in a way that the audience has control of how the information is tapped into, or culled, directly from his brain.

Moore’s passion and love of baseball are infectious and the audience is part of the show. In one instance, to fit an “Oracle of Bacon” type six degrees of separation scenario, the audience pulls names from a hat and Moore plays the game. Although he does so fairly easily, the real trick here—and it is a very good one—is how he actually makes those connections.

And you can trust me in this that your internet connection will not provide this information as fast. (That’s not a challenge. Don’t do this during the show  You’ll miss out on so many other tasty treats, Just don’t.)

Often live-timed to increase the drama, each series of “self-tests” brings harder and increasingly more interesting challenges. The bottom line is that you will be amazed and highly entertained regardless of any love you may or may not have for American baseball going in. But in the end, you will have come out all the richer knowing more about baseball’s greatest historical achievers than you ever imagined.

Let’s play ball!

Batter Up: My Brain on Baseball,” has received extensions as a winner of the “Encore! Producers Award,” with two additional dates scheduled at the Studio/Stage, July 20, 2019, at 4:30 p.m., and July 27, 2019, at 8 p.m.

The venue: Studio/Stage is located at 520 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004 – (323) 591-4849 and is K-town and freeway close.

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