Club Scum Attracts End-of-Summer Party People

Blasia Discoteca, a popular Club Scum performer.

This last Friday night there was a heatwave going on in Club Chico as party people gathered to celebrate Club Scum co-founder Rudy Bleu Garcia’s birthday, along with other Leos in the house: performer Blasia Discoteca and bartender Tony Vicious. As usual it was a wild night of drag performances, punk, post-punk and electro dance music, and a crowd that is not shy about expressing their gender-fuck tendencies.

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Club Scum takes place the last Friday of each month at Club Chico, 2915 W. Beverly Blvd, Montebello, CA  90640, lot and street parking. Cover charge: $5

©Photos by Judy Ornelas Sisneros. All rights reserved.

Judy Ornelas Sisneros

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I am a native Californian, born and raised in Bakersfield and eventually escaping to San Jose then San Francisco where I spent every free moment in punk and post-punk culture spaces before heading to LA permanently in 1989. I have also spent major time as an AIDS and queer street activist, which today along with my passion for punk/alternative music still informs my personal and social life. I love photography, film and playing punk/post-punk stuff on the bass. My LA Beat contributions are usually photos that give a glimpse into the vibrant art and music scene that makes Los Angeles such an amazing city to live in today.
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