Tiki Oasis: Poolside on Sunday

Tiki Oasis 2019 “Catch The New Wave” at the Crowne Plaza in Mission Valley San Diego. All photos by Billy Bennight.

Sunday at Tiki Oasis was a lazy one. The early afternoon was spent lounging and cruising the marketplace where we sampled another one of Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice’s treats with a shot of rum. I ran into Lee Joseph at the Dionysus Records booth, and then out of the clear blue yonder I ran into Tammi Sutton, Tim Polecat’s wife, at her Sunny Dunes Antique Mall booth inside the Crowne Plaza. We caught up from the last time we’d seen one another and talked about life in Palm Springs.

We then embarked on the “Scoops Ahoy” party for a boozy ice-cream float and early Rock and Roll jams. It was a lively party and a good excuse to drink even more.

We returned to the pool where I ran into Liz Trillo. We did a fun, impromptu photo session at the edge of the pool and talked about our various exploits. It was easing into the late afternoon and there wasn’t much time left. Liz T. headed back to LA while Liz H. and I remained poolside for a while longer. We watch a couple of fun ladies dance in front of us. They were totally fun! Meanwhile, Go-Go dancers were dancing at our backs. There was a mix of DJs and bands playing throughout the afternoon. There was lots of pool action with all sorts of groovy shenanigans taking place. It was another couple of fun days at Tiki Oasis, and we made the most of it! We are looking forward to the 20th anniversary of Tiki Oasis in August of 2020!

Billy Bennight

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