Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Celebrates 10 Years!

Photo by Christy Kane

Halloween is some folks’ favorite time of year, better than Christmas. They may spend all year thinking about and planning their costume, or collecting decorations for their house and trick or treaters. I am not one of those people.  I do, however, absolutely love horror films, and scaring people, and being scared. Whether you’re like me or those other folks, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is for you.

Dark Harbor is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the occasion does not disappoint. There are six mazes including the newest, “Rogue,” in which a deadly wave has hit the ship and knocked it on its side, leaving it up to you to survive. All six mazes are fun, scary, and impressive both in their attention to decor and the monsters’/actors’ ability to freak you out. Not surprisingly, the standouts are those located on the ship, as they take you on twists and turns in areas of the ship you might never see normally, including one (I won’t tell you which) that has you walk through the famous Door 13, a Watertight Door where a crewman was crushed to death in 1967, and, legend has it, lives on. This is supposedly the most haunted area of the ship and lives up to its reputation.

Besides the mazes, Dark Harbor has lots of other attractions to entertain you, such as a sideshow ring with various entertainers, food, sweet treats, and lots and lots of bars, including secret bars within the mazes where you can catch your breath and fortify yourself before forging on.

Dark Harbor runs September 26 – November 2, ticket prices vary.



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