The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 11/21/19 – 11/27/19

Joe Baiza of The Mecolodiacs. Photo by Elise Thompson.

Looking for cool live music this week? Here’s some show recommendations:

Thursday 11/21

House of Machines – Throw Rag, Reckless Ones + The Rhythm Shakers

LEM HQ (835 N.La Brea Ave.LA) – Thriller Party, Muskk + DJ Tony Knox (KXLU’s No More Heroes show)

Lodge Room – Franky Flowers, Gold Coast + Alms

Friday 11/22

Alex’s Bar – Blind House, Bella Novella, Los Mysteriosos + Death Valley Trio

The Doll Hut – D.I., Psycotic Scum + Functional Lunatics

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon – Moonlight Rocketz, Enemy Proof + The Vectors

The Observatory – 45 Grave, Tarter Control + Mac Sabbath

The Redwood Bar – The Humblers, Mean Heat, The Damed + Tilli & the Titans

Saturday 11/23

Alex’s Bar Street Trash, Shark Toy + Assquatch

Bootleg Theater – Mike Watt & The Missingmen, The Blank Tapes, Young CreaturesWasif, Dream Phases, Junaco + Early Evil

Lodge Room – Death Valley Girls, Crocodiles + Kate Clover

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon – The Mecolodiacs, The Probe, Lost Marauder’s + Tommy Chiffon 3

Sunday 11/24

Alex’s Bar – Slaughterhouse, Clown Sounds, Hit Bargain, Sh*t Giver, + Killer Dreamer, 2pm; LVGER, Vis Vires, + DJs Marv Mack, John Fouts + Shawn Atkinson, 8pm

The Echo – The Yummy Fur (members of Franz Ferdinand), Future Punx, Ooselles + Intel (Part Time Punks)

Glass House – Bedouin Soundclash, Delirians, Steady 45’s + Sailor’s Songbook

Monday 11/25

Bootleg Theater – Rosie Tucker, Bella Porter, Ramanda Hammer, Pauline Lay + Jess Kallen

The Observatory – Thank You Scientist, Bent Knee + Tea Club

Tuesday 11/26

The Hi Hat – The Colour Coast, Surely Lorraine + Time Travelers

Wednesday 11/27

Highland Park Bowl – Crisis Actor, Mean Heat + The Letter Openers

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon – Rick Shea & The Losin’ End, Dave Serby & The Hillbilly Fringe + John Surge & The Haymakers

The Redwood Bar – Prince of Lilies, Friendly Bear, + Heavy Velvet

The Roxy – Flipper. Total Massacre, Mondo Generator + Later Years

For this week’s full live show listings, please check out The Intown Report
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