The Intown Report’s Gig Picks of the Week 12/21/19 – 12/25/19

Gitane Demone photo by Hilary Russell

Looking for cool live music this week? Here’s some show recommendation

(Due to the failure of our technology and the lateness of our ability to post this Thursday and Friday have been left off. hopefully to return next week)

Saturday 12/22

House of Machines – The Groans, Taleen Kali, The Knitts, New American + DJ Wyatt Blair (Lolipop Records)

Maui Sugar Mil Saloon – Ravens Moreland, Gitane Demone Quartet, The Wrinking Brothers,+ Wesley Doloris

The Offbeat – Auxilio, The Stupid Dsaikini + The Flytraps

The Redwood – 3PM, Intermod, Dog Rockets + The Goddam Regret, then at 9PM, Spender Robinson & the Wolf Spiders, Alright Spider + Darlington Mansion

Roxy – together PANGEA, Cowboy Social, No Parents + Destroy Boys

Whisky A Go-Go – Randy Holden + The Loons

Sunday 12/22

The Offbeat – The Midnight Creatures, Bummed Out + Chief Redeye & The Bad Examples

Redwood Bar – Rikk Agnew Band, Revolting Sounds, Order Disorder + LA’s Forgotten

The Smell – No Age, Daddy, Julia Garcia + Mr. Wright & The El Savadorians

Monday 12/23

Moroccan – Slaughterhouse, Sex Beat, Reckliing + Nice

Tuesday 12/24

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon – Al’s Peace & the Peacefuls

Wednesday 12/25

Merry Christmas!

For this week’s full live show listings, please check out The Intown Report



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