Lucha VaVOOM: Tales of LUV and Mischief!

The Crazy Chickens jam with Starcrawler at the opening of Lucha VaVOOM’s “Pins Ups ‘N Pin Downs” at the Mayan Theater.

Lucha VaVOOM is always an exercise in hilarity and madness with loco luchador antics, saucy burlesque shenanigans, and cleverly crafted comedy relief. Drew Carey was the guest host to accompany Blaine Capatch, who is usually present at Lucha VaVOOM. Thursday night was sold out, and had a few guests of note, which included David J of Love & Rockets and Bauhaus, and Eric Idle of Monty Python’s Flying Circus (The Beatles of comedy). After introductions, Starcrawler cranked out an energetic rocking set that set the tone for the rest of the evening.

There are more details of the night’s events in my preview, “L’amour, L’amour, L’amour is in the Air: Lucha VaVoom’s Valentine Show “Pin Ups ‘n Pin Downs”. It was a night of action, mischief and glamorous seductions from both Lucha VaVOOM alum and some newcomers. Joey Ryan had his “Dick Moves,” and newcomer Micro Man happened to have the Kung-Fu grip. All the ladies put together some stunning performances that enticed and elevated the burlesque game. Miss Tosh and her pastel unicorn had a breathless feminine beauty that proved intoxicating and lavishly lusty. Miss Rita introduced the closing match between Soberano Jr. and partner Mega TJP vs Taya Valkrie and Magno “The Man Mountain” Rudo. It was a spellbinding cliff hanger that moved into the crowd as bodies flew outside the ring.

The show was a reaffirmation of LUV, with a few betrayals and tricks. Everybody had a great time! Check out the photo gallery for all the sexy mischief. Look for upcoming Lucha VaVOOM shows on May 1st and 2nd. More details at Lucha VaVOOM.

Lucha VaVOOM.

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