Live Nature Webcams to Both Relax and Entertain

Baby penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Photo by Billy Bennight for the Los Angeles Beat.

Sometimes we all just need to watch some kittens frolic. On the Explore philanthropic website, you can also watch hummingbirds, otters, manatees, and gorillas. Some cams are seasonal, and sometimes nothing is happening right at that moment, but most of the cams have video highlights. The webcams are educational, entertaining, and sometimes a necessity to protect both us and nature. Now is the perfect time to explore.

For those of you homeschooling, the site provides free lesson plans on topics like Raptors, Oceanography, Marine Life, African Animals, and Polar Bears. There are also blogs to provide more information, and short films of things like squid mating, which will surely get your kids’ attention.

Locally, The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach livestreams their jellyfish, penguins, Shark Lagoon, and tropical reef exhibit, I have been mesmerized by their jelly cam since it first premiered, and having been lucky enough to enter the penguin exhibit, I have to say that they are best viewed remotely due to the notable fragrance of their poop.

L.A.’s Kitten Rescue has a popular and adorable cam and the Animal Wellness Foundation in Marina del Rey offers a “dogs-eye” view of their adoption room. So if you fall in love, these kittens and pups could join your family. The Malibu Cam at Creative Visions allows you to check the surf, watch sunsets, and spot surfers, whales, dolphins, seals, and other local marine life.

You can also take trips and check things off of your bucket list vicariously. March is the peak of Northern Lights viewing, you can go on an African Safari, swim with sharks, and visit the gorillas at The Grace Center in the DRC. You can even climb into an eagle’s nest or circumnavigate the earth on the International Space Station

Some other notable cams:

The Brown Bears at Brown Bears at Brooks Falls.  Brooks Falls. The salmon are jumping, so the timing couldn’t be better to check this one out.

The Pacific Ocean Meditation. While some of the crashing waves coming at you aren’t all that tranquil, watching the ocean is always relaxing.

Homosassa Springs Underwater Manatees. Manatees are undoubtedly a magical creature, and it is rare to see one in captivity, plus it’s kind of sad. Here you can wonder at them as they explore the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

Lake Tahoe West Shore Café Inn Nothing is happening, but that is what makes this cam great. Grab a cup of coffee and let your eyes rest on the blue sky and placid waters and pretend you are on vacation.

Big Cat Rescue We have been following Big Cat Rescue on YouTube for years, and plan to visit the Florida sanctuary someday. Until you can get there yourself, you can enjoy the tigers, lions, and bobcats playing and swimming.

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