41 Reasons to Wear a Mask

Author and legendary punk musician, Jula Bell Liebi

Written by Jula Bell Liebi

A compilation of positives related to wearing a mask:

1. You will help not spread coronavirus if you are asymptomatic or symptomatic. You will be protecting your friends, family, co workers, and total strangers.

2. You will be part of the solution, and a silent hero of humanity.

3. You can eat all the garlic and onions that you like.

4. You don’t have to worry about a chia seed or a piece of salad that is stuck in your teeth.

5. You are more punk rock, goth, metal, anarchist, gangsta’, and more mysterious with a mask on.

6. You can express your individuality by choosing a cool pattern or decorating your mask with something you identify with. Maybe safety pins, anarchy symbols, BLM buttons, Nascar pins, your favorite bands, your favorite team, your favorite animal, …etc.

7. You can be more antisocial, and no one will give you any grief about it when you have your mask on.

8. You can save money on lipstick and lip balm. If you still wear lipstick no one will see the lipstick on your teeth!

9. Other random mask wearing people will give you a gangsta’ nod of approval. You can also give them an “air” high five.

10. You will be normalizing it for other people who want to wear a mask, but are afraid that they will look stupid or be ridiculed. In turn, you will be saving lives of people whom you don’t even know.

11. Your friends, family, and total strangers will be more relaxed when talking to you.

12. If you are bad at social cues and don’t know when to smile, a mask will set you free.

13. When on an internet date, your date will have to focus on what you have to say versus how you look.

14. You will save money not getting that nose job, botox, or lip injections.

15. You will appear to be more of a thoughtful and wise silent type, because people will miss your facial reactions. Your words will become gold nuggets of wisdom.

16. You can laugh, grimace, or frown at annoying people, and they will never know.

17. You can use it for an excuse not to kiss on the first date.

18. You will save money on sunscreen, because you will only need enough for half of your face.

19. If you wear an N95 mask it will help protect you from contracting Coronavirus. If you wear a cloth mask or face covering, it can help protect you by limiting the amount of droplets that you are exposed to. Remember that the higher the number of the droplets, give you a higher risk of contracting the virus.

20. You will be keeping your dirty corona microbe fingers away from your nose and out of your mouth.

21. It brings out your eyes.

22. You can hide your straggly covid beard and moustache until they grow in.

23. Ladies! You can hide those pesky moustache and chin hairs.

24. You will be limiting sun exposure and therefore defying the forming of new wrinkles on the bottom half of your face.

25. If you make masks for your friends who don’t have them, you can flex your fancy sewing muscles and impress them with your awesome skills. You are AWESOME!

26. You will feel more confident going into shops, offices, and grocery stores.

27. You can mouth “I love you” to someone and they will never know.

28. You can mouth “I hate you” to someone and they will never know.

29. You will be protecting your Grandma and Grandpa when you visit them.

30. You will be burning more calories and giving those lazy lungs an extra workout, ‘cause it is harder to exercise wearing a mask. Let’s not forget to mention that people won’t be grossed out when you run or jog by them panting. Be an “extreme” mask wearing athlete. We dare you.

31. It makes you appear more gender neutral and levels the playing field of gender stereotypes.

32. It goes well with your Ninja or Superhero outfit.

33. It gives you and your other mask wearing friends something to bond about.

34. There is nothing more patriotic than saving lives. Masks save lives. You are a true humanitarian and patriot!

35. You will have less allergy symptoms because you will not be breathing in the pollen. (Thx Suzie Maxie!)

36. You’re defeating facial recognition software! Win/Win! (Thx, Christal Atossa Khatib/Mauricio Figuls)

37. You can save money on expensive gold and diamond grillz! (Thx, Elise!)

38. Wearing a mask shows solidarity with our nurses, doctors, and emergency service workers who must wear masks throught the day, everyday. (Thx, Johanna Went!)

39. It makes you look sexier because I know that behind that mask is someone who really cares (thx, Nadia Brunner!)

40. You can now wear bandanas around your neck as a fashion accessory and no one will think that you are trying to look like a modern cowboy, which of course, you are actually trying to emulate. No one will call you a cowboy poseur! (thx, Tim!)

41. With sunglasses you can emulate your favorite horror film celeb, “The Invisible Man.”

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