The Rundown: This Week in Brief 07/30/2020

Photo by Tony Pierce

Shepard Fairey Posts “American Rage” Around Town

New Shepard Fairey posters have been popping up around town. The above print, “American Rage” recently showed up in Little Armenia. The image is based on a photo by Ted Soqui taken during the LA riots in 1992. Currently a huge installation of the work is on display at 234 9th Avenue North in Seattle.

Support for our International Students

When the ICE announced early this month that international visa-holding college students would not be allowed to stay in the U.S. if all their courses went online, activist and UCLA grad Sumana Kaluvai created a class-swapping Google spreadsheet in order to help those students find on-site classes (Los Angeles Magazine). Thanks to social media and UCLA students Yuliana Barrón Perez and Noah Hernandez, the spreadsheet spread like wildfire, and prompted the creation of the website Support Our International Students, where available California university classes are listed, as well as other resources. Although that ICE rule was mercifully rescinded on the 14th, the website will continue to help international students, because who knows what else might get thrown at them in these volatile times? – Simone Snaith

Trois Mec Closing Forever

Eater L.A. has announced that Trois Mec, the successful collaboration between Chefs  Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, is the latest casualty of the Covid shutdown. Opening in 2013 following the success of the Ludobites pop-ups, and Animal from Jon and Vinny, the place was an immediate hit, not even needing to change the Pizza Shop sign out front. The small 24-seat restaurant was a game-changer, requiring pre-paid tickets for a set menu that was always innovative and special. Restaurant partner Krissy Lefebvre explained to Eater via email, “Pandemic fine dining is really tough, and with such a small space it just can’t be sustained.” Let’s just hope Petit Trois comes back

There are New Far Side Cartoons!

I feel like a town crier, running around ringing a bell. Gary Larson is back! Gary Larson is back! He has posted three new Far Side cartoons on his website, which has previously only posted his classic work. Larson offers a caveat: “New Stuff”—is not a resurrection of The Far Side daily cartoons…The thing is, I thoroughly enjoyed my career as a syndicated cartoonist, and I hope, in spirit at least, we had some laughs together. But after fifteen years of meeting deadlines, well, blah blah blah … you know the rest…So a few years ago…I decided to try a digital tablet…within moments, I was having fun drawing again..So here goes. I’ve got my coffee, I’ve got this cool gizmo, and I’ve got no deadlines. And—to borrow from Sherlock Holmes—the game is afoot.”

Chateau Marmont is Becoming a Private Club

I thought Chateau Marmont was already a private club, considering how difficult it can be to even park there sometimes. Looming high above Sunset like an old haunted castle,  owner Andre Balazs’s infamous hotspot has announced to the “Wall Street Journal” that it will be turning into a private-membership club by the end of the year. The lack of bookings and wariness of socializing with strangers due to the Covid crisis helped Balaz consider the new plan for the 63-room hotel. Membership prices have not been decided, but it has been announced that nonmembers will still be able to make dinner reservations “in certain areas” of the Chateau property.

The Third Bridge Across the L.A. River in Glendale Narrows Under Construction

According to Streets Blog LA, the new Elysian Valley walk/bike bridge is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2021. The plan is to connect neighborhoods and make the area’s bike paths more navigable. Two out of four planned bridges have already been built– in North Atwater and Atwater Village–you may have noticed the sail-like design of one of them from the 5 freeway. The fourth bridge will be connect  Glendale to Griffith Park, which has been a long time coming.

LAPD Use of Force Against Protestors Under Investigation

According to the L.A. Times, The LAPD is “investigating 125 separate complaints from the protests, including 54 involving officers using force, police said. A total of 10 officers have been removed from field duties pending investigations.” The Times’ investigation reports numerous instances of officers incorrectly using their weapons, including firing a less-than-lethal round at the head of a man who was fleeing with his hands in the air.

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