OG Punk Musicians Record Anthem for Flattening the Curve

Musicians Frank Meyer and Bruce Duff, formerly of The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, have written and produced “Flatten the Curve” (or FTC, which sounds way more punk), about social distancing and staying safe at home. Released in May, the song was recorded with an all-star lineup. Remotely, of course.

Unable to continue recording and performing live with the Cheetahs, Frank also lost his job at Fender due to the pandemic, according to Los Angeles Daily News. So, he got busy writing songs, and recorded his part for this song in only two days before sending it around to the other musicians.

The video for the song was just released, and it’s a fun game of “spot the musician.” Watch for Cherie Curie of The Runaways, Tony Reflex of the Adolescents, Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers, Lisa Kekaula of BellRays, Dimitri Coates from OFF! Steve McDonald from Redd Kross, Josie Cotton, Chris Freeman of Pansy Division, Deniz Tek of Australia’s Radio Birdman, Fishbone’s Norwood Fisher and The Beat’s own Mike Watt. Also appearing is Suzi Moon from LA Machina, who our Music Editor interviewed just two weeks ago. Proceeds from the song will benefit the Jubilee Consortium and the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. So, it is, as Frank commented, it is a kind of punk rock “We Are the World.”

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  1. Rob Cakebread says:

    When did Michelle Balderamma join The BellRays?!

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