Review: “History Is Delicious” by Joshua Lurie

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“History Is Delicious” is an exploration of world cuisine from a historical perspective.

This new book is written by accomplished food journalist Joshua Lurie, whose work has appeared in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. One of LA’s most established food bloggers, Lurie launched his blog Food GPS back in 2005.

Though aimed at kids from 8 to 13, “History Is Delicious” should interest foodies and foodies-in-training of all ages. You’ll find engaging stories about the origins of haute cuisine, guisados, tandoori, ceviche, sushi, and much more.

“History Is Delicious” features approachable recipes from chefs at some beloved LA restaurants. Want to make the same corn tortillas served at Barbakush? Tortilla Española as served at Gasolina Cafe? Onigiri like that served at Jichan’s Onigiri-ya or the hand-whipped hummus from Bavel? All these recipes are found here.

Learn about a wide assortment of cuisines from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. Get informed about noodles of the world, dining practices of different cultures, and table settings from around the globe.

The book makes clear that food is unites. With an understanding of different cuisines and the people behind them, our respect for other cultures increases.

Fun, edifying, and charmingly illustrated, “History Is Delicious” wass produced by the team behind “Honest History,” an LA-based quarterly magazine that aims to spark kids’ interest in history via storytelling with accuracy and integrity.

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    Correct title: History Is Delicious, with uppercase I for Is.

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