‘GO by Citizens’ is the New Fee-Free Food Delivery App We’ve Hungered For

Sushi Bento Box from Krispy Rice via the GO by Citizens app. Photos by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

A new food delivery app, GO by Citizens, makes it easy to order food for delivery or pickup from multiple restaurants in one order — with zero fees.

GO by Citizens is a welcome alternative to third-party food delivery platforms that charge both menu item markups and high fees to consumers.

You can easily satisfy multiple cravings at once. Get nori tacos filled with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, truffle avocado, or shrimp, from Kumi. Savory truffle burgers (a trifecta of truffle-y deliciousness thanks to truffle aioli, truffle fondue, and truffle glaze) from Umami Burger. Bento boxes full of sushi rolls, hand rolls, edamame, and more from Krispy Rice. A variety of chicken sandwiches from Sam’s Crispy Chicken, The Other Side, and Radical Rooster’s.

Other options include Katsuya (wagyu gyoza, sashimi, king crab tempura, and much more), The Ice Cream Shop (with frozen treats from Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum, Breyers, and Talenti), burgers from In a Bun, and margaritas, mulitas, and elotes from Sin City Tacos.

Nori Tacos from Kumi via the GO by Citizens app.

I tried Kumi’s nori tacos, Umami’s truffle burger, and a Krispy Rice bento box during a recent tasting at Soho Works. Everything tasted fresh, satisfying, and full of flavor. I’ll definitely order them again, using the app, on my own.

This new app comes from C3. The company, whose name is short for Creating Culinary Communities, owns a network of 200 ghost kitchens located at restaurants, food halls (including Citizens Food Market in Culver City), co-working spaces, and airport dining areas.

Order from “your personal food hall” by downloading the Go by Citizens app. Bon appetit!

Karin E. Baker

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