Simpsons Murals in Springfield, Oregon

Krusty with Yendor and Bubbles, Happy Little Elves. Simpsons mural. Photo by Debbie Davenport Kenyon

In 2012, after years of being intentionally vague about which Springfield was the hometown of the Simpsons, Matt Groening revealed that it was Springfield, Oregon. Groening is also from Oregon. The town has paid tribute to its honorary citizens with a plethora of cool murals around the city. Thanks to Debbie Davenport Kenyon for taking these photographs and turning us on to them.

The official town mural. Photo by Debbie Davenport Kenyon









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  1. Susie says:

    It seems to me there are twice as many, that are not accounted for.

  2. Tena Gibbs says:

    They brighten our community!

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