Jeff Bovon Scopes out the Best Dim Sum Spots in LA

Happy Harbor Restaurant. Photo by Jeff Bovon

By Jeff Bovon

After two months of research and thousands of dim sum consumed:

Top three Dim Sum Restaurants 

1) Bistro 1968 – Abalone Tart, Baked Pork Bun, Lobster roll, Rice Noodle Roll, Sticky Rice, Stuffed Morel

2) Longo’s – Hargow, Fish Roll, Chicken Feet, Cucumbers, Lobster roll, Pineapple Bun

3) Chef Tony – Hargow, Baked Bun, Pork Knuckle, XLB

Special attributes

Ray’s: Only the spring roll was best in class BUT everything was great Easy to recommend to others

Capital Seafood – Best Carts: Taro Toot Roll, Flaky Pork Bun, Pork & Scallion Cake, Chicken Feet, BBQ Duck

IXLB – Best Fast casual/ Take Out: Hargow, Shumai, Char Siu Bao, Fried Wonton, Curry Puff, Pineapple Bun

Happy Harbor Restaurant. Photo by Jeff Bovon

Honorable mentions:

Tang Gong – Traditional – Excellent 4 Heavenly Kings and a few surprises

Monterey Palace – Superb baked goods with the Pork Buns, egg tart and the superb Durian Roll

Lunasia – Best Shumai and steamed items with terrible baked buns and flavorless Chicken Feet

Bloomin’ VIP: A bit polarising – some loved it – Some didnt – Best Chicken Feet

Dream Dim Sum Order – Dirty Dozen

Longo Cucumbers

Lunasia Shumai

Happy Harbor Restaurant. Photo by Jeff Bovon

Chef Tony Hargow

IXLB Char Siu Bao

1968 Sticky Rice

Ray’s Spring Roll

Sea Harbour Crispy Shrimp Roll

IXLB Fried Wonton

Capital Seafood Taro Root Roll

Bloomin’ VIP Chicken Feet

Monterey Palace Egg Tart

Lunasia Pineapple Bun

Monterey Palace Durian bun

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