Chef Stephanie Izard’s Chili Crisp-Inspired Collab with Hidden Valley Ranch

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This Little Goat, created by Chef Stephanie Izard (Girl & the Goat, Cabra), has just launched its newest condiment. Created in collaboration with Hidden Valley Ranch, Ranch Chili Crunch merges the umami blast of Chili Crunch’s gochugaru chilis, fried garlic, puffed quinoa, and sesame oil with the zest of Hidden Valley Ranch’s classic seasoning mix. 

You can use Ranch Chili Crunch to add a kick to an ordinary bowl of ramen, elevate chicken wings, spice up scrambled or deviled eggs, add dimension to noodles or pizza, and more. 

This is just the latest in a series of interesting collaborations that Hidden Valley Ranch, dating back to 1954, has been involved in. This past March, they created a limited-edition ranch-flavored ice cream with Van Leeuwen ice cream.

This Little Goat’s Ranch Chili Crunch goes on sale on September 20. Found exclusively on This Little Goat’s website, this limited-edition chili crisp-style condiment is available only while supplies last. 

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