Tony Pierce’s Sneak Preview of The Vista Re-Opening!

The re-opened Vista’s Marquee. Photo by Tony Pierce.

The beloved Los Feliz landmark, The Vista Theater, was sadly shuttered in 2020 during the Pandemic. Like he did with The New Beverley Cinema, Quentin Tarantino rode in like the Cavalry to rescue and revive the ornate but cozy movie house. The official reopening will take place on Nov. 17, 2023 with Eli Roth’s splatter movie, Thanksgiving (“There will be no leftovers”). The film Thanksgiving was expanded from a fake trailer in Tarantino’s Grindhouse.

Yesterday, Tony Pierce of Hear in LA attended Tarantino’s sneak preview at a 30th anniversary screening of 1993’s “True Romance” on 35mm. Here is the ultimate Angeleno’s take on the place:

Was lucky enough to be invited to the early screening of True Romance at The Vista tonight. Quentin said a few words after being handed the torch from the owner of the 100-year-old theater who sold it to QT, Lance Alspaugh. Quentin says there will also be a tiny 28-seat theater created there that can show 16mm and VHS.

The Vista will show film exclusively and if studios want to show their new movies on film in a jewelry box more beautifully than anywhere else, the Vista is there for them.If they don’t put the movies on film, he added, “Fuck ’em.”

Bathrooms have been remodeled. The concession stand now serves beer and wine. PBRs tonight were $5. RC Cola is prominently displayed on tap. Wide variety of classic candies from Chuckles to Snowcaps. Fresh new paint in the lobbies, seemed to be a new curtain and carpets. Was Victor there? He sure was. Dressed head to toe in sparkly maroon. Stay tuned for a follow up special edition chat with Victor in the near future.


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