Beat Recommends: Rozz Williams Tribute at Hollywood Forever Cemetery This Friday

Fans of Christian Death, Shadow Project and all manner of dark, pounding music are referred to this rare performance at the most appropriate venue of all time for a Rozz Williams tribute. Those fortunate souls in attendance at this event will get to see a screening of Williams and Nico B’s rarely seen film “PIG” while raising funds for a documentary about Williams which is currently in production. The live music performances promise to be truly hair-raising, with appearances by Only Theater Of Pain veteran members Rikk Agnew and James McGearty in their new band Symbolism; CD singer and Williams collaborator Gitane Demone presenting the live premiere of her new work with keyboardist Paul Roessler, The New Young Kings Of Midnight; and Shadow Project’s Eva O., who rarely performs the songs she made with Williams but will do so for this performance. VIP ticket holders can get a guided tour of the Rozz Memorial area at the cemetery from Nico B himself, and meet the band members at soundcheck…if they dare.

Get up and get your grandma outta here? That could take some doing if this is where she ended up. You may need to sit and make love to yourself instead.

The Rozz Williams Tribute takes place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Friday, March 15. Tickets, $40, available at the venue website. 

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