Beat Recommends – Voivod, Prong, Hirax at the Fonda This Sunday

Montreal’s Voivod are one of the most singular creations under the banner of metal. Born during the early 80s thrash explosion, they quickly evolved into a frighteningly capable outfit with blatant progressive rock tendencies and a lead singer who didn’t rely on banshee screams nor guttural grumbling. How prog are they? They write concept albums about psychic entities. The drummer, Away, is the primary conceptualist and visual artist, and the guitarist who developed their distinctive sound, RIP dear Piggy, developed his approach to chording by attempting to learn Keith Emerson’s insane keyboard parts. Last time I saw them, with newer members Chewy and Rocky on board, they shook the foundations. They have new music that lives up to the old stuff, as well as a towering repertoire from which to select their set list. It’s been some years since they did a proper headlining show at a good venue here, it’s not to be missed.

They’ll be at the Fonda with Prong – whose debut Beg to Differ remains an eternal classic from the same era as Voivod’s Dimension Hatross and Nothingface, maybe my favorite time for metal – and Cypress legends Hirax, whose leader Katon DePena has been peeling the paint since 1984. Relative newcomers Take Offense, with a paltry fifteen years under their belt, open the show.

Voivod, Prong, Hirax and Take Offense perform at the Fonda Theatre LA, Sunday, March 10. Tickets $35 at

Photo of Snake and Chewy at the House of Blues in 2016, by Bob Lee for the LA Beat. 

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