“Loot” theater review

The phrase “rollicking farce” is often used to describe the works of English playwright Joe Orton and encapsulates “Loot” right along with Orton’s “What the Butler Saw”.

The current offering in the Studio Space upstairs at the Long Beach Playhouse should please all fans of Orton as well as aficionados of fast paced ensemble theater.

LOOT is Joe Orton’s masterpiece of dark comedy where we follow the fortunes of two young thieves – Dennis, an undertaker at the funeral parlour, and Hal, his sometime lover, whose Mum just died. When Inspector Truscott turns up, they need a place to hide the loot.  But with the money in Mum’s coffin, there’s no place for Mum, whose body keeps reappearing at the most inopportune times. Aided and abetted by Mum’s former nurse, Fay, and trying to put one over on Hal’s gullible father, the duo prove that nothing is sacred in a farce that seethes with black, baleful mirth.

Leading the ensemble are Jack Loeprich as Hal and Ronan Walsh as Dennis who both tag-team every scene forward with high energy and broad, physical comedy. Two charming and very funny fellows who do an admirable job.

Long Beach Playhouse mainstay Noah Wagner returns to the Studio Space stage as Inspector Truscott in the best English tradition of blustery, authority types both comedic and expert in his powers of deduction. Wagner’s sense of timing is, as always, razor sharp.

Roxy Payne holds her own with unflagging and staccato comedic chops as Fay, a scheming yet seductive femme fatale. An absolute joy to watch!

Rick Reischman is a veteran of many Long Beach Playhouse productions and can always be counted on to deliver the goods with every character he plays. Well done, sir!

As Meadows, Rudy Perez rounds out the cast in the second act, last seen in 2023’s “A Christmas Carol” at the Long Beach Playhouse. A pleasure to see him again on stage.

If English cat-and-mouse comedies that move at a lightning pace are your delight, then “Loot” at the Studio Space is just for you. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 8, 8pm – Opening Night and Champagne Gala

Friday, June 14, Saturday, June 15, 8pm, Friday, June 21, 8pm, Saturday, June 22, 8pm,  Friday, June 28, 8pm, Saturday, June 29, 8pm, Friday, July 5, 8pm

Sunday, June 16, 2pm, Sunday, June 23, 2pm, Sunday, June 30, 2pm

Saturday, July 6, 8pm – Closing Night

LBP’s Opening Night Gala for LOOT is sponsored by the Port of Long Beach! A BIG THANK YOU to the Port!

PLEASE NOTE: The Studio Theater is on the 2nd Floor. Due to the age of our building, there is no elevator and the theater is only accessible by stairs.

As a courtesy to our patrons, it is the policy of the theatre not to admit children under the age of 5. This policy may be altered from time to time based on shows and show content.

This Show Contains: Adult Language and Content, References to race, rape, and sex with minors meant to exaggerate the mortal deficit of the characters and offend a 1960’s British Establishment Audience, Absolutely No Respect For The Dearly Departed! Dubious Members Of The Water Board! Various Schemes That Have No Chance of Success!


This is a Two Act Show, with one, 15 min. Intermission

  • Act I is Approx. 1 hr.
  • 15 Minute Intermission
  • Act II is Approx. 35 min.
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