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Movie Review: ‘In Reality’ at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival

“In Reality” is a millennial “love story” or really not a “love story” at all, but an analysis, or an observation of the breakdown of what “romantic love” is, is not, and never was as seen by the humorously watchful eye … Continue reading

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Night Talks with Soraya Sebghati, Friday, June 17, DTLA

You see her before you hear her. And you sense her before you see her. Soraya Sebghati, songwriter and lead vocalist for Night Talks, a Los Angeles alternative rock band, takes the stage long after sundown with the metallic burn … Continue reading

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“FEMINISTS: What Were They Thinking?”: A Documentary on Second Wave Feminism Takes Form

On an evening in June a small group of film makers, artists and activists gathered in a Hollywood apartment overlooking the 101 freeway and the Capitol building to view the first 22 minutes of “FEMINISTS: What Were They Thinking?” a fund-raiser … Continue reading

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