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We Scope Out the New Haggen Store

One day we looked up to discover our local Albertsons had become a Haggen overnight. With Albertsons and Safeways merging, they needed to sell off some of their stores. According to Supermarket News, 55 California Albertsons and 28 Vons have been acquired by … Continue reading

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The Motherlode: Mamalicious Sweets for May 10 with the New FoodieShares App

This is Your Mother Speaking: Mother’s Day is May 10, and you owe her. Big time. Don’t blow it. Hey—she gave you life, dude. She lugged you around for nine months without complaining (okay, maybe a little complaining). She read … Continue reading

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Yum-Yum Gimme Some: New iOS App FOODIE SHARES Launches for West Side

So, what’s your culinary trip, exactly? We’ve all been there: you want to dine as a group, but you’re doing Paleo, he’s (oy) gluten-sensitive, she’s low-sodium vegan, that one’s lactose-intolerant (oy gevalt) and this one is 100% raw—please. Can’t we … Continue reading

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