The Motherlode: Mamalicious Sweets for May 10 with the New FoodieShares App

This is Your Mother Speaking: Mother’s Day is May 10, and you owe her. Big time. Don’t blow it.

Hey—she gave you life, dude. She lugged you around for nine months without complaining (okay, maybe a little complaining). She read to you in utero. She wiped your crusty little nose, among other things. She took you to the dentist and taught you how to drive (not to mention trusted you with the family car). She bought you that drum-set, and listened to the whimpering when that first summer lover busted your adolescent heart into a million whiney little pieces.

Foodie Shares is the way to go with four mom-worthy sweets for May 10 — reserve in advance now via the Foodie Shares iOS app . Foodie Shares connects home chefs with ravenous diners craving a home-cooked meal, and delivers the goods straight to your front door.

How about a Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch as beautiful as a bouquet? Foodie Shares’ Chef Jules, a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Orlando, recommends Very Berry French Toast, made with brioche bread, cinnamon caramelized apples, candied nuts, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, drizzled with special homemade vanilla crème anglaise and whipped cream.

Guilt, shmilt – dig in! This is my personal recommendation for mothers-to-be, as well. Remember, honey, you’re eating for two now! Enjoy this defensible opportunity to gorge gorgeously—you’ve got the rest of your life to eat celery-sticks.

Very Berry French Toast is packaged with two slices of hearty bacon and, for a sophisticated twist, bourbon-flavored maple syrup (expectant moms can skip the sauce if needed). Vegetarians who reserve the dish in advance can also substitute vegan “fakin” bacon for the porker, or request extra fruit. Price: $13.50. Minimum order: 1 unit.

Here’s a memorable line from a REAL historical muthuh: Let them eat cake. OK, Marie Antoinette didn’t really say that, but everybody still wants cake. For your yummy YiaYa, go-go granny, Mum, and other righteous women at your table, serve the versatile Italian Marble Cake by chefalex which serves 10-12 people. Light in texture and flavor, this dairy-free, nut-free dessert is made with flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate and vanilla. Price: $12.99 for one cake. Chefalex attended culinary school in Italy–her home—and recently moved to Los Angeles. And hey, she’s a mom, raising her own daughter now!

Disputin’ the gluten? Chef Satya Jess offers a glorious gluten-free vanilla cake, where she has adapted a classic Julia Child recipe to be organic, gluten- and butter-free. She creates this fruity delight with eggs, coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, raw vanilla, organic sugar, organic coconut, mixed fruit, and chocolate mint. Chef Satya Jess gained experience working on the pastry team for the highly-acclaimed restaurant Daniel in New York. Price: $40 for one cake, or $5.00 per slice.

And for the girliest gal who loves pink, Satya Jess presents an organic, strawberry-mint vanilla cake with rose-colored icing made from puréed strawberries, which is also gluten- and butter-free. She uses coconut oil, rice flour, eggs, sugar, raw vanilla, strawberries, mint-infused syrup, blood orange, chocolate mint, and a splash of Italian white wine on the strawberries. Price: $30 for one cake, or $5.00 per slice.

Building a neighborhood-based foodie community centered on sharing authentic food made with integrity is the primary motivation behind the founding of Foodie Shares, which connects the home-based chef to the food lover.

How Foodies Use the App

After downloading the iOS app and accepting the terms of membership, which is free, users in the Los Angeles area can interact with the community and order dishes. Users search chefs by their usernames, specialties, cities or relative distances, and see unedited, chef-provided pictures, bios and descriptions. They can see ratings for quality, service and value on each chef’s profile, in addition to individual reviews of dishes posted by other members.

Members can reserve or pre-order dishes for their “foodie basket” and send private messages to the chef via the app. They can also follow specific chefs and get notified when their newest dishes post. In the case of pre-orders, the chef must accept the member’s request before a credit card transaction ensues. Chefs determine whether food can be picked up by members or delivered. With delivery, they can choose to deliver it themselves or use the app’s delivery partner.

Foodie Shares, Inc. is co-founded by George Mathew, Ryan Hoffman, Noa Rodriguez and Ryan Oehm. The Santa Monica, California-based company is self-funded and anticipates a larger funding round in Spring 2015, which will allow its operations to expand. The Android version of the app will be available in Fall 2015. For more information, visit or e-mail


PHOTO CREDIT: Chef Jules at Foodie Shares

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