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LA Beat Interview – Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson

As Los Angeles rubs its collective eyes, crawls out into the sun and tries to put the prior era of unpleasantness into the rear view mirror, it feels like a particularly good time to scream. The last year has left … Continue reading

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Mellotron Mondays: King Crimson Blot The Light From The Sky

Welcome back to Mellotron Monday, our celebration of that wacky keyboard instrument that made rock music more colorful for a while. King Crimson are practically synonymous with the instrument. Despite their early lineup having been shaken up completely every year … Continue reading

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So Much Fun: An Interview With Ian McDonald

“It (King Crimson) was fun!  It was done with a tremendous amount of humor. The image of King Crimson is sort of this monstrous band, but it was so much fun!  We were just having a laugh.“– Ian McDonald Between … Continue reading

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Beat Recommends: King Crimson at the Greek

Of the many tempting options to see live music celebrating it’s 30th-to-50th anniversary this week in LA, King Crimson’s appearance at the Greek Theater offers something that few of the others do – the chance that something you’ve never heard … Continue reading

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The Mating Album Covers Series: Part Four

As fall wears on, the art war between BCB Music Forum members Kath and Phenomenal Cat reaches new heights of absurd hilarity. We’re proud to present Part Four in our series of re-appropriated images courtesy of the collage artists. Be … Continue reading

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