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Jennifer K. Hugus was born at a very young age. At an even earlier age, she just knew she would one day write for the LA Beat! Having grown up in Massachusetts, France, and Denmark, she is a noted fan of Asian Cuisine. She studied ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre and acting at U.S.C. in their prestigious BFA drama program. She also makes her own jewelry out of paints and canvas when she isn’t working on writing absurdist plays and comparatively mainstream screenplays. Jennifer would like to be a KID when she grows up!

Manhattan Transfer Songstress and Founder Erin Dickins has us-S-up for Her Singing: Upstairs at Vitello’s to Commemorate New Album!

Fathom if you will a halcyon Sunday afternoon in early November. Then take that late fall journey down memory lane, swinging a sudden detour across a street of the same name, hopping progressively on over to International Alley; Sprinkle it … Continue reading

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Former Nsync Member & Animal Activist Lance Bass Teams up with Natural Balance to Promote Dog Yoga and Launch of Limited Ingredient Diet ® High Protein Formulas!

Quick! Think of the funnest, most enterprising thing you have ever done with your dog and triple it by the half-life of 1/3 your third eye! Then forego your dog’s Frankenstein or Banana Costume this Halloween and take him/her to … Continue reading

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Anson Williams’ and Dr. Heimlich’s Alert Drops, Along with Malibu Fire Station 70, Arrest Traffic in Preparation for November’s National Drowsy Driving Awareness Week!

‘Scuse me. Ever been driving in the middle of the night—waaayyy past your bed time and attempted to utilize the radio as a most Sam Kinisonesque alarm to help keep you awake?  Well, unfortunately for you, chances are Sam Kinison … Continue reading

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Jose Iturbi Foundation Sponsors Hollywood Bowl’s “Gershwin Under the Stars” Hosted and Conducted by Bramwell Tovey; Featuring Pianist Aaron Diehl

The Hollywood Bowl was haven for both education and entertainment this mid-August as The Jose Iturbi Foundation sponsored yet another concert at the venerable old Amphitheatre featuring young, up-and-coming pianist and composer Aaron Diehl. Diehl made his first Bowl appearance … Continue reading

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Actor/Doctor Rico Simonini Unveils Latest Executive Produced Film “Frank and Ava” via an Evening of Entertainment and Education!

Medicine and Movies, Doctoring and Drama, Cardiology and Catharsis, Acting and Allopathy, Theatre and…The Thorax! (Okay…okay…that last one was admittedly kinda lame, but any excuse to use the word “thorax” in a sentence, let alone an entire article, is always … Continue reading

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Carol Marie’s “Magic Castle: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors” Clears Miasma of Mystery Surrounding Milt Larsen’s Magic Castle!

Conjure, if you will, divining all the secrets to the History of Hogwarts before Hogwarts (minus the nightly spectacles and dinner service) was even a speck in some imaginative Muggle’s eye!  Then, take these secrets, set them in the heart … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Museum Celebrates 4th Annual Unveiling of “Real to Reel: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood” Prior to Marching in Protest and Pride to Protect National Progress!

What if I told you that one of the very first successful drag queens made quite a name for herself in the 1950s, all the while preferring the term “Male Actress”, leaving the expression “drag” to something one might take … Continue reading

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Alison Arngrim to Host First “Indomitable Spirit” Panel, Featuring Special Guests Reverend Steve Pieters and Jody Vaclav

Ever wonder after the meaning of the word “Indomitable”? Ever muse as to whether or not you are, or could become such a superlative? Well on Saturday, June 24th, you may just have the opportunity to divine the answer to … Continue reading

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Steven Wishnoff’s “Life Interrupted” Garners nearly 20 Awards in 11 Festivals to Date Before Preliminary Voting in Emmy Ballot Opens!

Ever hankered to meet a clan that outmoded even Modern Family? Ever miss that ol’ skool sitcom feel combined with more evolved and progressive sensibilities? Evered wondered what Ozzie and Harriet might look like if it were Harriet and Harriet? … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Museum Unveils Arresting Homage to Jean Harlow!

When you think of beautiful, bodacious, yet badass, screen presences, certain names might come to mind such as Sigourney Weaver in “Aliens,” Carrie Fisher as a scrappy Star Wars princess, or even Rizzo aka Stockard Channing aspiring to her very … Continue reading

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