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Simone Snaith is a young adult author and a singer-songwriter who goes by Turning Violet. She dyes her hair rainbow colors and enjoys reviewing live shows, books and movies. You can read about her own music and books at

Album Review: Purity Ring’s “Another Eternity”

To say that Purity Ring has avoided the “sophomore slump” with their new album Another Eternity would be a massive understatement. The quirky electronic duo’s debut Shrines (reviewed here) is an impeccable collection of tightly-constructed songs that blend beats, synths and … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Cobbler”

“The Cobbler”, in theaters now, tells the story of a magical shoe-stitching machine that upends the life of a downtrodden cobbler named Max Simkin (Adam Sandler). Written and directed by Thomas McCarthy (“The Station Agent”), it features a strong cast, including Steve Buscemi, … Continue reading

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Eat Your Art Out 8: “Next Stop, The Twilight Zone”

Angel City Roller Derby and Eat More Art Out Productions presented Eat Your Art Out #8 at Titmouse Animation Studios last Saturday, entitled “Next Stop, The Twilight Zone”. The fundraising event featured an imaginative collection of Twilight Zone-inspired art, referencing most of … Continue reading

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The Beat’s Donna Lethal Speaks at “Advanced Style” Screening

One thing that has always been abundantly clear about Donna Lethal is that along with her love of fashion, beauty and hair, she has a strange attraction for the geriatric set. Turn your back for a moment and you will find her coddling and … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Rewrite”

The Rewrite, written and directed by Marc Lawrence feels like a throwback to the romantic comedies of the early 2000s and late ’90s, the kind in which Hugh Grant has always excelled. He revives his signature charming cad persona here among an impressive cast … Continue reading

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Live Review: The Dramedy at The Vaucluse Lounge

The Dramedy are a local rock n’ roll duo that sprang from the solo act of singer/songwriter and guitarist Dave Davids. Last Saturday night’s show presented the addition of fellow singer/songwriter and guitarist Melissa Bobbitt (formerly of Pistachio Novella). The … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Cedar Grove at Griffith Park

I recently learned that my favorite spot in Griffith Park has a name: Cedar Grove. It’s a beautiful patch of lush greenery that stands out from the rest of the park, and it boasts two picnic tables, large rocks to sit … Continue reading

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Album Review: Rachel Thomasin’s “Microforms”

Rachel Thomasin is an independent singer/songwriter based in Boston, who uses “an eclectic variety of instruments, synthesizers, and samplers” to create “experimental and atmospheric pop music” (artist bio). She has been recording since 2012, as well as performing in Boston … Continue reading

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A Few Favorites of 2014

Here is a Year End list of favorite music, movies and books. I generally don’t read books the same year they are published, partly because I borrow from libraries more than I buy, and partly because I just tend to be … Continue reading

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Buy Me This: Society6 Shirts

One of my favorite sites is Society6, where artists sell their work as prints or on tops, bags, phone cases and more. I like to type into the search bar my favorite bands, books and movies to see what comes … Continue reading

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