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Simone Snaith writes young adult and fantasy novels, and sings in the indie rock duo Turning Violet. A fan of scifi, fantasy, the supernatural and most things from the '80s, she enjoys reviewing music, books and movies. You can read about her own books at

Live Review: Ex Hex and Sheer Mag at The Echo

Last week, Ex Hex sold out The Echo, playing tunes from their truly enjoyable, upbeat album Rips. Described by some as power pop, the band frequently reminds me of The Cars, sans keyboards and with more guitar solos. The group’s three members – singer/guitarist … Continue reading

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Sci-Fest L.A. Returns to Hollywood in May

Sci-Fest L.A. returns this year on May 5th through 29th at the Acme Theatre in Hollywood. Now in its third year, the festival features one-act science fiction plays, often starring actors from well-known sci-fi and fantasy franchises. (Wil Wheaton, Armin … Continue reading

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Live Review: The Vigils at The Redwood Bar

The Vigils are one local band that really have that “It” factor. Thanks to an exciting stage presence and great songs with a nostalgic punk & Goth vibe, their next show is always something to look forward to. Maintaining “the … Continue reading

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“School Days” at Lethal Amounts: The Nearly Lost Photos of Barry Kleven

On April 22nd, downtown rock & roll gallery Lethal Amounts presents “School Days”, featuring photography from 1970s punk and rock concerts in Los Angeles, taken by an unknown but talented photographer named Barry Kleven. As a teenager, the late Kleven borrowed cameras on the … Continue reading

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Alejandro Amenábar’s “Regression” with Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson Comes Out on DVD in May

Check out the trailer for “Regression” by Alejandro Amenábar, who directed one of my favorite ghost thrillers, “The Others”. “Regression” stars Ethan Hawke as a detective investigating what appears to be a satanic cult, with Emma Watson as one of the member’s … Continue reading

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The Ripped Bodice Bookstore Opens in Culver City

The Ripped Bodice is a brand new bookstore in Culver City, and in case you can’t tell by the name, it specializes in Romance novels. It’s the first all-Romance bookstore I’ve heard of, and it cleverly sorts the books into … Continue reading

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Terrine Introduces Their Spring Cocktails

On Wednesday night, Terrine hosted a cocktail party to debut their new spring cocktails. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, casual but chic, and we love their famous patio. Head Bartender Ryan Wainwright has divided his menu into five cocktail categories: Bubbly and Refreshing; Crisp … Continue reading

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Album Review: My Gold Mask’s “Anxious Utopia”

Chicago-based band My Gold Mask was founded by guitarist Jack Armondo and singer Gretta Rochelle, the latter hailing from my own hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. The two of them released two EPs before adding drummer James Andrew to the … Continue reading

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Album Review: Bootblacks’ “Veins”

Bootblacks is a gloriously post-punk and dark-wave band from Brooklyn, with a new album called Veins due out in March on French label Manic Depression Records. While a bootblack is a shoe-shiner, the group’s name comes specifically from a description by William … Continue reading

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Live Review: Panic Is Perfect at The Satellite

Panic Is Perfect is a highly-polished indie pop group based in San Francisco, but first conceived in India by its well-traveled founders Jeremy Belzer and Mike Hoffman. The two multi-instrumentalists, joined by guitarist David Monzon, keyboardist Joey Hassid and drummer Ty Parker, … Continue reading

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