He’s Back!

Only William Castle could come up with a gimmick of writing a book from beyond (it’s dedicated to “all the kids I scared when I was alive and to all the kids I hope to scare “From the Grave,” as well as John Waters and Joe Dante!) Not really, but if anyone could, it would be him. The Master of the Macabre penned a young adult novel that’s slated for a (surprise) Halloween release. “From the Grave: The Prayer,” is a tale of four adolescents, meeting during an annual Gypsy celebration in France with all of the elements you’d expect to find today: a haunted house, a perilous quest, a mysterious manuscript, and a secret to unlocking (I won’t spoil it for you.) Two Gypsy children, teenage Sarah and younger brother, Luca, meet up with Aleck, a New Jersey native, for the adventure. If it sounds a little Harry Potter-ish, well, it is. And for me, that’s a blast. It’s a nifty page-turner with scares and red herrings in all the right places. Step right up, Castle’s going to scare the pages right out of your hands!

Photo Credit: Leland Cheong, Honolulu Advertiser
Can’t get enough Bill Castle? He tweets from the other side.

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2 Responses to He’s Back!

  1. Tawny Tubetop Tawny Tubetop says:

    How fun! Who knew that William Castle still had something in the vault/crypt?

    I’ll always cherish seeing “House on Haunted Hill” with Emergo.

  2. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    I saw it too, and also “The Tingler” with buzzing seats (we looked to make sure we got them.) He’s a genius!

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