LA Girl: Bombshell Bassist Laurie Es

I’ve known Laurie Es since…well, since we were both in our wild NY days when she was a DJ on WFMU and even then she had a signature look all her own. Laurie’s sparkling, mischievous bright green eyes combined with her amazing curly locks (the envy of straight haired lasses like me) and her killer bass licks make her a deadly combination. Nowadays, she’s the singer/bassist in Hallowed Engine, as well as the lead vocalist (of course!) in Lynette Skynyrd, the world’s one and only all-female trybute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and you can see them this Sunday at Jonny Whiteside’s Messaround in Burbank. You can see Laurie’s art, gig posters, and promotional work here. Oh, and she collects armadillos.


: My husband sez that it tastes like cubes from a 2 year old metal ice tray, but I think it’s strangely refreshing. Since I’ve been drinking it, I’ve lost a couple of pounds and my skin is much clearer. Drink it before exercise and after you pee. You’ll feel lighter and have more energy.

REDKEN SMOOTH DOWN CONDITIONER: My hair is dry, curly, super-thick and long. I need a conditioner that is ultra-thick and creamy. Despite the beauty advice I’ve been given to use silicone based anti-frizz products, they never seem to work for me. This is the only conditioner that tames my wild mane. I only shampoo my hair once a week, but I’ll use this conditioner whenever I shower. I leave it in at least 10 minutes, followed by a light rinse.

: Hormone imbalance – heard of it? Adult acne is such a bummer. Growing up, my skin was crystal clear. Once I got into my 30’s, it was zit city… but not the kind of acne that you can squeeze. These are red bumps that are more like cysts under the skin rather than blackheads. Squeezing them makes them larger. I’ve tried everything and this is the only stuff I know of that keeps my skin clear. I use this magic potion twice a day (morning and before bedtime). If I see one of those ugly blemishes starting, I actually apply it without rinsing. In many cases, it’s gone the next day.

in ENGRAVED: I wear contact lenses and have very sensitive eyes. This stuff stays put no matter how much I sweat or cry. Best of all, it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Most importantly, it does exactly what a black EYELINER PENCIL is supposed to do. Highly pigmented, goes on smooth, doesn’t budge.

FERIA POWER REDS R68 RUBY REDS: Out of all the hair colors, red fades the fastest. For my money, this is the best buy. It’s easy to use and I always get great results. I’m not crazy about the conditioner that comes with it, but the color rocks. Since my hair is super-long and very dry, I just do the roots and pull it through the last 10 minutes. Mixing it with shampoo before you pull it through will keep your ends from getting fried. You’ll need to buy your own processing cap. For some reason, they don’t give you one – a mere drop in the bucket when you consider the money you’ll save by skipping the trip to the salon.

“Live fast and dye your hair”. I always get tons of compliments after I use wildfire. Not only does it make my hair glow with red intensity, but it actually has a conditioning effect. I usually apply it, put on a processing cap and leave it in overnight. The more fried your hair is, the better it takes. So it works great on my mop. It’s always best to put a towel over your pillowcase for a week after Manic Panic. After all, it is “semi”-permanent. But it is completely natural, so staining your linens is about the worst thing that could happen. My mane of flame always feels softer after I use it and my curls are more uniform. You can’t beat it for the stage. No one can ignore a redhead. (DL note: uh-huh!)

DO WHAT YOU LOVE: No matter how many beauty products you use, you will never be attractive until you feel good about yourself. I’ve noticed that those days that I feel blue are usually due to the fact that I didn’t do something creative. There are so many things that strengthen my life force: I take long walks with my husband and our dog Bela, I play and write music, I draw and design, I make jewelry, I promote shows, I collect armadillos, I garden, I read, I write… People often ask me how I’ve managed to stay so young looking. The best beauty tip I can pass on is to stay passionate in whatever you do and don’t take yourself too seriously. Always maintain a sense of humor. Funny is smart. Smart is sexy.

If you’re single, do what you love and eventually your soulmate will see your inner life force shining and step up to join you on your path. If you’re in a relationship, allow yourself to follow your dreams. It will either strengthen the bond you already have or open the door to the person you were actually meant to be with.

If you’re bored, you’re boring. Life is a journey. enjoy the ride.


Funky Jen,¬†Kat Griffin’s Hair Essentials,

Donna Lethal

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  1. I love this series! I love that the bombshells aren’t all 18 years old and the detailed plus practical beauty advice.

  2. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    A teenager cannot BE a bombshell. It’s an oxymoron.

  3. Oh, right that word is jailbait, and that would make a TERRIBLE series

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