Sunset Junction Contingency Plans

Tic Tic Boom!, who will lay down the hard boop beep bop despite the notable absence of neighboring Tilt-A-Whirls.

Despite the cancellation of Sunset Junction proper, a lot of the musical acts are naturally scrambling for alternate venues as we speak. Here’s what we’ve been able to find out as of of Friday night- some of this is cribbed from the wonderful Weekly.

And for a handy consumer guide to this weekend’s bands, we also refer you to our mostly-still-relevant Local Band Roundup from last weekend.

Saturday – Echoplex has picked up Butthole Surfers, who appear with 400 Blows, at 9pm.

Satellite hosts an afternoon show with Art Brut, Art Vs Science And the Hundred Days, starting at 5pm.

Art Brut will be also be DJing the scheduled afterparty at The Grand Star (with Club Underground and Hang the DJs), 10 p.m.

Helmet will be playing on across town at the Viper Room.

Dangerbird Records will be offering a mini-festival from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. with the following lineup:

12:00pm – Holly Conlan
12:45pm – Francisco The Man
1:30pm – Chasing Kings
2:15pm – The Fling
3:00pm – Vanaprasta
3:45pm – Useless Keys
4:30pm – Milo Greene
5:15pm – Butch Walker and The Black Widows

Milo Greene will also be playing Hotel Cafe at 11pm.

The Weekly says Damselles & TC4 are at Origami Vinyl but as I write this, Origami’s web site does not confirm this, showing their regularly scheduled instore with VAZ and Pygmy Shores, so check with them tomorrow.

Marvelous Toy and The Broken Numbers Band will be at R Bar, 9 p.m and the bar is still open to having stranded bands play on Sunday, so hit them up if you still need to replace your slot.

Bestial Mouths will be having a record release party at Vacation Vinyl at 8pm.

Living Room is having its Sunset Junction party as scheduled. Saturday’s performers are Bludweiser and the Platinum B’s, Temporal Love, Negro Trio, Outlier, DJ Kino Villard, The Pi Band and Robotanist, starting at 3pm.

Bordello has announced an afternoon show with Queen Caveat, Living Dead Lights, The Studiofix, Tic Tic Boom!, Ricky Lee Robinson, and Peg Leg Love and will start the festivities at 6. Thanks Queen Caveat for the tip.

(If you saw the earlier edition of this piece that mentioned the Stone Foxes, we have now heard they will not be playing at all.)

Sunday – Peaches, one of the most-anticipated acts of the fest, has been rescheduled at Freak City, 9pm.

Echoplex will host Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with Charles Bradley and Hands, doors at 6:30.

Hotel Cafe will feature would-be Junctioners Carina Round, The Rescues with Julia Price and Michaela Anne/ Annie Lynch starting at 7.

Again, the Weekly shows Manhattan Murder Mystery playing at Origami Vinyl but not confirmed on the website.

Black Apples will be playing at Shop Epic. Time tbd.

Olin & the Moon, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Damselles and the TC4, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, and Peg Leg Love play the What Cheer? Bar.

Monday – Tapes ‘n Tapes will be at Satellite.

We’ve also heard that El Cid will be presenting its lineup as scheduled, and we’re waiting for a full rundown – precise info on who is playing when has been hard to obtain. Since the Weekly has pro writers who follow this stuff for a living, you may be well advised to check the above link tomorrow afternoon before choosing your final destination.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hanson will be at the Smell – Sunday 8pm

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