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When I think Jane Cantillon, I think lush. No, not as an alcoholic, silly, but as hair, lips, skin, figure, voice…she’s all that. And heart. I once had Jane bring me (yes, flinty me) to tears as I witnessed her open her purse at a rather bizarre show where no child should have been, take out a set of pastels, and help a rather forlorn child have some fun. That cemented Jane in my heart as one of the most beautiful gals I’ve ever seen.

What does Jane do when she’s not out saving the world? I really never asked, so I had her shoot me the stats:

The Dick and Jane Family Orchestra were formerly known as Dick and Jane, a husband-wife duo featuring Richard Ross and one of Los Angeles original “100 punks,” Jane Cantillon. She has been performing in various clubs for years doing a voluptuous and twisted cabaret act, and as the LA Weekly called her “The girl that put the ‘bra’ back in ‘bravo’.” As a filmmaker and producer, Jane Cantillon has worked for many shows like Entertainment Tonight, Howie Mandel, Blind Date, Tyra, Ask Oprah’s All-Stars, and recently for CBS’ The Talk. Richard Ross is a seasoned producer/director for various Discovery Channel and HISTORY docu-series’ as well as a gifted composer and musician.

When local L.A. legend Lee Joseph was invited to see a screening of Cantillon’s “The Other Side” documentary and later the duo performed, Joseph told them he would like to join as their bassist. Shortly after, Michael Peffer, founding member of Biblical Proof of UFOs, joined the threesome as their percussionist and the group became The Dick and Jane Family Orchestra (with Joseph and Dick and Jane’s “adopted” son and Peffer as their “real/fake” nephew.) The group plays a hybrid of beat, folk and garage with acoustified versions of Velvet Underground, Question Mark and The Mysterians and Jimi Hendrix, along with many of Cantillon’s catchy and humorous originals about Los Angeles, insomnia, the last taboo (smoking) and of course, love.

5 Beauty Tips from Ms. Cantillon after the break

(And I must note that Jane herself provided the URLs for all products – xo)

Revlon lip crème
. No. 646. I am addicted and if I did not wear lipstick, I would look like a paper plate with two healthy olives rolling about. The colors subtitle is Super Lustrous Lipstick –Sultry Sable. That is enough alliteration for this poet to buy the product.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion
—A Multi-Vitamin Facial Treatment with Alpha-Hydroxy. Simple, cheap and has spf-15. For better or worse, I use Alpha Hydroxy to smooth those worry lines and fade those “sun spots” I have from living in the unforgiving SoCal sun for so many years. Neutrogena Sunblock Lotion, Sensitive Skin, SPF 60 is great though I must be careful not to leave the residue on or I look like a Ringling Bros. clown looking for her wig.

Optivite/Gynovite—Many years ago, a famous Chinese gynecologist recommended these. Since I have been taking these, I don’t need reading glasses, have pretty good skin for a girl that burns everything from both ends.
They really work from the inside/out with a multitude of anti-oxidants. Kind of a miracle since I am about to celebrate my 75th birthday–well at least the age I feel sometimes when working in production or playing music at night clubs in this youth crazed town.

The Total EFA 3-6-9 by Health from the Sun—what is more attractive then a woman who remembers. The Total EFA is the best fish oil supplement I have found on the market, boosts my mood so I don’t get “ugly” with anyone, and keeps my mind sharp so I remember lyrics and old boyfriends names.

My bike—I call it Prozac on wheels. Most of the time when I am peddling around Silverlake/Los Feliz, I know I look a bit mad with a smile plastered across my face, but I feel extraordinarily young when I am flying along the street, doing errands or appointments and the endorphins are pumping through my blood. Also, I feel free while NOT using fossil fuel and getting stuff done. Yes, I live and love LA and I own a car, but would rather be biking here whenever possible.

Dick and Jane Family Orchestra are playing Thursday, August 25 10:00PM, no cover, at TAIX French Restaurant, 1911 Sunset in Echo Park


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