Thankful for Art Supplies and Unexpected Gifts

Chalk is Good

While I was having my morning coffee with my husband a friend called to say she was stopping by to drop something off.   Her husband had recently been hit by a car so I have been leaving lots of fluffy chalk messages on their driveway; to (hopefully) add some cheer to their life as they go to and from the doctor appointments.  She had a heavy box in her arms and a wide smile on her face.  She was giggling “Open it!  Open it!”   The box held endless possibilities.  A rainbow of color.  Chalk is good.  It’s not a major commitment like pen, or acrylics, or (gasp!) oil paints.  Chalk is fit for public consumption.  They call it SIDEWALK CHALK for a reason. 


I am thankful for the time I spend with friends, I am thankful for art supplies.  I am thankful when I get to combine these two in any fashion.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I was the turkey all along!

K.P. Rennie

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  1. Thankful for your friendship Karen! (whispers…by the way, you have parsley sticking out of your butt).

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