Taco Tuesday: Frida’s Cochinita Pibil

Frida Tacos on Melrose is open until midnight on weekdays and 3am on weekends. They also run happy hour specials with $1.99 tacos.

I found their carne asada was a little too tough for me, as is often the case with carne asada, but I liked the nice warm tortillas. The pastor was your usual, asi asi. I tried the chicken mole, which is rarely used as a taco filling. I think there is a reason. It was just too sweet, too much chocolate.

The saving grace of Frida was the cochinita pibil, one of my favorites. Cochinita pibil is a Yucatan dish with pork marinated in a variety of citrus. Frida’s cohinita pibil was definitely up to par.

I think my favorite thing about this restaurant was the mural by Candida Pena. If I were drunk on that side of town at 2am on a weekend, Frida is probably where I’ll end up. Depending on the line at Pink’s.

Elise Thompson

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