Food Kick Pick: Bell Pepper

My Fridge Full Of Peppers!

This weeks kick is bell peppers! To be honest, bell peppers are actually a life kick for me. I eat at least one every day. This week I’ve been eating two a day. My husband went crazy and bought a bunch thinking we had run out. That picture is actually from my fridge! But I don’t mind; bell peppers are so nutrient dense.  Let me give you a quick run down before you head to the grocery store!

According to NutritionData bell peppers have about 30 calories, zero fat, 7g carbs, 3g fiber, 4g sugar and 1g protein.  These are just the bare bone facts. Bell peppers are an amazing source of vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, beta carotene, and folic acid.  Bell peppers also contain a large amount of phytochemicals that have exceptional antioxidant activity. Bell peppers in general but the red ones especially, have shown in studies to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, cataracts and blood clot formation due to the high amounts of lycopene and vitamin C. Speaking of vitamin C, did you know that one red bell pepper has double the amount of vitamin C than an orange? Yup! Just one more reason why you should be stocking up!

I eat mine raw or I roast them over an open fire (my stove top) when I want to add it into my quinoa or pasta. If that’s a bit of a stretch for you, try dipping them into some hummus or some Greek yogurt with salt and fresh garlic. The health benefits are definitely worth finding a way to much on these a few times a week. I encourage you to try a few recipes and start sneaking them into your diet if you can’t find the taste buds to eat them raw.


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