Komodo Truck

While we are on the subject of popular food trucks, we should check out Komodo. Why name the truck after a lizard? Because The Komodo Dragon has an acute sense of taste and is big, like their truck (But their truck won’t bite your toes off). The Komodo truck has been featured in Gourmet Magazine and Sunset, and now has a brick and mortar cafe on Pico.

The sides can take a little longer to cook, but the truffle fries are worth the wait. They are so intense; they seem to have both truffle oil and truffle cheese on them. They also have garlic fries, and for low carb people, meatballs.

 There are six basic tacos. The Komodo is seared top sirloin with jalapeno aioli and Southwest corn salad. On this visit I chose the Java because I am obsessed with rendang. I have to say I prefer beef rendang to pork, but it’s not every day rendang is brought to your door like that. The Fish and Grapes taco blew me away. It made me stop and say, “Wow!” The grape and almond salad was kind of like someting you would find in chicken salad. The fried cod was fresh and the coating was crispy. In addition to the truck’s tacos, the cafe has burritos and rice bowls. I can’t wait to try a fish and grapes burrito.

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